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Substance Abuse Counselor Salary

A person who is interested in becoming an addiction therapist can expect to make an average salary of 63k according to payscale.com. For your conveniencesubstance abuse counselor salary we have also supplied salary statistics in related fields, on the graph below.

An addiction therapist salary can vary depending on location, level of experience, area of specialization, place of employment, and the benefits that are provided. With 1-4 years experience, an addiction therapist salary pays 35k-42k annually; that number breaks down to about $14-$18 an hour. Addiction therapists with 5-20 years experience can expect higher wages and statistics show a pay increase of 44k-62k annually.

The locations showing the highest pay for addiction therapists are hospitals, which pay anywhere from 40K-60K annually. The locations on the lower end of the industry average on the lower end are non-profit and government related organizations. They average 32K-45K per year.

  • Addiction Therapist $62,000
  • Medication Management $147,000
  • Chemical Dependency Specialist $59,000
  • Counselor Substance Abuse $30,000
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse Counselor $70,000
  • Counselor Substance Abuse $30,000
  • Substance Abuse Counselor $37,000
  • Behavioral Health Clinician $69,000
  • Addictions Counselor $31,000
  • Behavioral Health Associate Counselor $42,000
  • Treatment Counselor $33,000
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor $42,000
  • Counseling Psychologist $76,000
  • Addiction Counselor $37,000
  • Social Worker Correction $22,000
  • Family Services Specialist $38,000
  • Crisis Counselor $35,000
  • Probation Counselor $44,000