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Becoming a Speech Therapist in Wisconsin

Speech therapy is a career choice that can be seen as rewarding and necessary as far as many people dealing with speech and language problems are concerned. Practitioners in this field also help a variety of people with different causes for their speech problems such as stroke and heart attack survivors or people that have somehow gotten the areas of the brain linked to speech damaged. As over 49 million people are currently afflicted with speech problems it can be said that speech therapists are a very necessary edition to the job force and this also makes speech therapy a growing field that is ever gaining in new procedures and techniques. Though the benefits of becoming a speech therapist are definitely sound, it is important to realize that these benefits come with a price to those who are just starting to study to become speech therapists. Speech therapy training involves many years of study in addition to many months of experience before the certification process can be complete. When thinking of becoming a speech therapist in Wisconsin this is an aspect to keep in mind but don't let this hinder you if this is your ultimate goal.

Speech therapy training involves some serious study at the undergraduate level and at the graduate level in order to gain a certificate of certification from the ASHA board members. There are also many other specific requirements that the Wisconsin speech and language pathology and audiology association board deems necessary in order to get this certification such as age and experience requirements. In the case of experience, applicants attempting to be certified to become speech therapists must have many hundreds of hours of clinical experience during their graduate studies. This aspect of becoming a speech therapist is included in order to graduate from the graduate school you choose as well so this is a must that you complete. Another aspect of gaining certification is completing your necessary degree programs in accredited schools. If your school is not accredited on a national level then you cannot hope to move on and get your certificate of certification.

In addition to both your graduate and undergraduate schools being accredited and gaining all the experience that you need through supervised clinical trials, you must also complete the nationally recognized Praxis test for certification of speech and language pathology. This test is very rigorous so it is suggested that you do all you can in your graduate and undergraduate studies as well as your clinical experiences in order to prepare for it. The WISHA board wants applicants to be as prepared as possible for their careers before allowing students to be certified and the Praxis test is revered for evaluating for this. After you pass this test you can go on to submit the application along with the application fee to the WISHA board in order to get your certificate of certification. This must also be accompanied by a background check and proof of age and citizenry in the US as well as the transcripts from your undergraduate university and graduate school.

It can be seen that the training for becoming a speech therapist has many points involved but do not let this scare you away from what is a lucrative and rewarding experience for all parties involved. The salaries for a speech therapist in Wisconsin range from a low of $53,000 to a high of around $103,000 so this can be seen as well worth the effort involved in the training phase, though this salary is just one of the things that can be seen as beneficial in regards to this career choice. Speech therapists help many people on a daily basis to live satisfactory lives through helping them increase their interaction skills as far as others are concerned. Speech therapist can also look at their jobs with a sense of pride and satisfaction leading to a lower turnover rate than that of many other jobs in the country. In addition to this the job stability that comes with this sort of work is a plus and the demand for workers in the field is steadily on the rise every year.