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How to Become a Speech Therapist in Vermont

The field of speech therapy is an ever growing and ever changing field that can be seen as beneficial in salary and sense of accomplishment for the practicing speech therapist. This field is designated to helping people who suffer from various speech and language problems such as stuttering and the lack of speech in some cases. Speech therapists also work with adults and children of most ages in trying to accomplish the goals of getting these people to socialize effectively and lead more productive lives. When studying to become a speech therapist it is important to realize that there are many steps involved in the process of getting certified including long hours of studying in undergraduate curriculums and going on to graduate school to obtain at least a masters degree in the field. In order to achieve your goals of becoming a speech therapist you must first be sure that you want to subject yourself to the rigorous amount of work that is involved in getting certification. Though this is a very beneficial field for the patient and the therapist alike, you can be sure that the path to getting certified is not an easy one to undertake.

In order to get your certification to practice speech therapy in Virginia you must go through all of the necessary steps to get this accomplished. Starting in high school one must have a good focus on what is required as far as the college curriculum relative to this field is concerned. One should start focusing on getting good grades in high school in order to prepare for the rigors of the college BA degree program in the field. In order to go on to practice speech therapy it is necessary that you also study hard to get the grades necessary in an undergraduate program in order to go on to a graduate program and get a masters degree. When attempting to get the masters degree in speech and language pathology that you will need to become a speech therapist it is important to consider all the steps that come here as well. You will need to get hundreds of hours of clinical experience in the management and treatment of speech and language disorders to prepare you for your time of practice. In Virginia especially, rigorous amounts of studying is also required in the degree program you choose in order to get certification in the field. This studying will get you ready to take the Praxis exam that is nationally recognized in the field. After you complete this exam and your hundreds of hours of clinical experience before and after gaining your masters degree you can then apply to be certified and go on to practice speech therapy.

In Virginia there are a number of avenues in order to seek out work after you have gotten certification to practice. In addition to various online job sites and speech and language pathology employment sites, you can search for employment in various hospitals in the state. Teaching speech and language pathology is always a good option for the person that wants to be employed in a school setting, though this may take additional certification. In reference to employment locations, the most common avenue for employment is in public and private clinics. These employment avenues often offer competitive salary options based on factors such as education and experience. This is why it is important to get good grades in graduate school as well as good reports when it comes to your clinical training hours.

Salaries at the entry level in Virginia start at $58,000 on average which is relatively good considering other areas around the US. As mentioned this salary increases as experience and education increases so it is in your best interest to get all the experience and education you can in order to succeed beyond this. It is also important to realize that the salary you earn depends on where you are located in the state as many areas may have salary options that are higher or lower than the average. In all, speech therapy is a career choice that offers other benefits such as the sense of accomplishment you get from helping those in need as well as with finishing the education required to succeed in this field.