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Speech Therapy Education in Tennessee

Speech therapy is a job that involves a host of activities including helping others with speech and language skills such as problems with stuttering and other communication issues. Many people can benefit from speech therapy including stroke victims who survive but have significant brain damage, and heart attack victims who go through similar speech deficiencies. Speech therapists work with both children and adults of many different ages in assessing and managing these speech difficulties and require much time to train and educate themselves in competitive atmospheres including undergraduate degree programs as well as with post graduate clinical experiences. Speech therapists must be trained to use various therapeutic techniques including speech exercises and also seek the aid of other professionals such as psychologists and physicians if necessary. Daily activities speech therapists perform include keeping records of disorder progress in patients, and counseling patients and their families at various times throughout treatment.

In order to get to practice speech therapy in Tennessee one must complete a number of other requirements and be trained in many activities such as the ones named. These requirements include gaining a masters degree from an accredited graduate school and going on to gain many hours of clinical experience during and after time at graduate school in order to be certified in the field. Other license requirements outlined by the Tennessee chapter of ASHA include that the applicant for a license to practice must be at least 18 year old and have a certificate of clinical competence from ASHA. The applicant must also successfully complete 400 hours of clinical experience in the Tennessee area as well. Passing the Praxis test that all applicants around the country must complete is also a must for gaining one's license. These requirements ensure that a practicing speech therapist is well learned and knowledgeable of all aspects of the field.

When it comes to schools that offer the course work needed in order to excel in this field, Tennessee State University offers a rigorous course load designated to get students aptly prepared for their graduate studies. The university also offers graduate studies in the field and the chance to gain a Master of Science degree in speech and hearing science which can be seen as just what you need in order to get your certification. In regards to this, you don't have to seek out other schools for your masters if you take up the degree programs offered at this school. This makes Tennessee state a good school for speech therapists to learn all the ins and outs of the field. Tennessee State University is also an accredited school so you will not have to worry about this aspect of getting your certification. There are also many other schools in the Tennessee area that offer this kind of course load.

If you are a person that has obligations that prevent you from attending a university in person you may also want to consider getting your education online. Online schools such as Walden University offer an equivalent course load to get you prepared for your career choice of speech therapy. This online school is also accredited so it would be perfect for the busy person with many obligations that does not have time to attend a traditional school. There are also many other choices you can pursue in order to get a quality education that will prepare you for the training to come so you may want to do your research to find one in the Tennessee area or online that will work for your purposes.

When deciding to train to become a speech therapist in Tennessee it is necessary to consider all the options you have as far as various schools that offer courses in the field as well as the requirements that are necessary in order to get your certifications to practice in the field. Becoming a speech therapist is a very rewarding endeavor that can lead to a substantial rise in your standard of living through competitive salaries and meaningful work. If this field is your preference it is suggested that you take all the necessary steps in order to pursue this type of work and explore it in more detail.