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A Day in the Life of a Speech Therapist in South Carolina

The field of speech therapy employs people that train in managing and treating many different speech issues such as stuttering, issues that arise as a result of drooling and also speech issues caused by stroke or heart attack. Speech therapists help these types of people to talk clearer using various treatments and exercises. Some speech therapists even specialize in helping those that have been afflicted so badly that they can never communicate properly through means of technology that is used to replace voice communication. Through all of this help that practicing speech therapists gives on a daily basis the duties of a speech therapist can be seen to be beneficial to the patient and also beneficial to the speech therapist's sense of gaining meaning out of his or her life.

Before a person in South Carolina who has gone through his or her post graduate studies in the area of speech and language pathology can practice they must be certified and pass a national examination with a score of 600 or above. This is the law in not only SC but also in many other states as well because this is part of ASHA regulations that are respected all around the country. A person practicing in SC can also be seen to have gone through many hours of gaining experience in clinical research in order to get to the point of certification. These practices are also standard all around the country and lead to the notion that gaining the title of speech pathologist or therapist does not come easy and requires patience and much effort.

The undergraduate course that a person in SC has to take in order to get to graduate school are no picnic either and require loads of studying in classes that are designed to teach the student how to manage and assess issues with speech and language as well as hearing. In regards to this training, it can be seen as well worth the effort because of the rewards that one experiences as a speech therapist. In the long run, a speech therapist can hope to gain a nice salary as well. The average salary for a speech and language pathologist or therapist in SC is no less than $49,000 a year which is a very nice piece of change for the effort that the training takes. It can be noted as well that this is only the entry level salary and the practicing therapists that have more experience are seen to make much more than this at times. As your experience grows in this field you can expect an increase of salary to around $65,000 for intermediately experienced personnel. This can be seen as a dream come true for many who hope to practice this line of work.

It is important to realize that this is simply the average of the whole state and in many areas of SC the salary averages are above this. In addition to this the top earning workers are the most experienced and earn up to $90,000 on average statewide. This is enough of a salary to brag about and the presence of this salary in other areas around the county is also another reason why many people attempt to pursue this field. The benefits of becoming a speech pathologist or therapist are numerous and not just limited to salary. The sense of helping others that many speech therapists feel is more than enough for supreme job satisfaction for many who practice.

In addition to the benefits of salary and job satisfaction it is important to note the requirement of an ever continuing education for practicing speech therapists. As the knowledge pool grows all around the world in this field it is important for practicing speech pathologists and therapists to keep up with current information on how best to treat speech deficiencies in patients. This is accomplished in many cases by reading articles and journals devoted to speech and language pathology as well as continuing education in some instances. The speech and language therapy field is also ever growing incorporating many individuals who specialize in different areas. This makes the collaborations between pathologists and therapist always necessary.