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Speech Therapy Job Outlook in Rhode Island

Are you a person with aptly developed communication skills in Rhode Island? Then you may be interested to know that the field of speech therapy is a growing field that comes with many benefits including a competitive salary and meaningful work. Though it may take a good many years of training in order to become successful in this field, becoming a speech therapist can substantially raise your standard of living while you help the children and adults afflicted with speech and language problems in the Rhode Island area. For those who are interested in this growing field it is important to realize that the training and examinations that are involved in obtaining your speech therapist certification can be quite a load to bear. In regards to this aspect of the otherwise glorious field the training involved will become well worth it as you progress through this field.

Speech and language pathology and therapy are ever growing and changing fields that those who decide to pursue it will come to quickly realize. This field is also growing in the Rhode Island area and quite a few universities and clinics have programs designated to it. Job openings are also growing in other parts of the country as well making speech therapy a field that will not be going away any time soon. In regards to finding positions in this ever growing field you can do this in a number of ways including seeking out temp agencies or looking for postings on job sites that are designated for the Rhode Island area. In fact various sites such as Wellness.com and Alphabetsoup.us are specially designed in order to help you to increase your chances of landing a job in the field with the proper credentials and training behind you. Job sites such as Indeed.com also have many jobs posted that you can land within the Rhode Island area.

Depending on your level of experience the field of speech therapy could be just the boost you need to help maintain a great means of living. The average salary for a entry level speech therapist that has all the necessary certifications is approximately $50,000 which can be seen as lower than other parts of the country such as Nevada (whose average is over $90,000 for the most part) but can still be seen as a great starting rate. As you become more experienced in the field your salary can be seen to spike up to a more competitive rate of $75,000 on average with $104,000 designated for the most experienced speech therapists. The rate of pay also depends in part on how your grades and clinical trials pan out during and after grad school in addition to your experience.

If you are just beginning to figure out what field is right for you and you are thinking about studying in a university with the speech therapy profession in mind, it is first important to realize the amount of training that is necessary to land these types of jobs. Speech therapists must first graduate from an accredited university and go on to graduate from an accredited graduate program before they can even consider getting certified to practice speech therapy. In addition to this, if you want to teach it may also be required for you to get a certified teacher's license in the state of Rhode Island before you pursue your teaching career. In addition to this many hundreds of hours of clinical experience are required before graduating from your graduate program with your master's degree and also after you get your master's. Though this can be seen as stressful and tedious, the benefits of going through with these requirements far outweigh the time you will put in studying and gaining your experience. In addition to the amount of clinical experience required you will also be subject to the national exam that all speech and language pathologists must take: the Praxis examination. Completing all of these requirements will send you on your way to filling out the application to apply for your certification and credentials to practice speech therapy. Though this may seem like a lot to do, where there is a will there is a way and if this is your dream then you should by all means follow it.