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Speech Therapist Salaries in Oregon

Becoming a speech therapist is a very beneficial thing for the employee and for the people that this employee helps through therapies and assessments. Becoming a speech therapist also offers a potential employee a competitive salary that comes complete with many other benefits for many employers. When deciding to become a speech therapist though, it is important that you look not only towards salary options but also towards the people that you will be helping in the process. This aspect of being a speech therapist can be seen as a rewarding experience as well as one that can put meaning in the life of the employee. In regards to being paid as a speech therapist, these salaries can be seen as what drives many to seek out education in the field. In Oregon particularly, average salaries are higher than in many parts of the country with the average speech therapist making well over $90,000 in pay per year. This can be seen as a dream come true for many who have the desire to go into the field of speech and language pathology or speech therapy, and this can also make any practicing pathologist want to locate to this area of the country.

When attempting to become a speech therapist it is important to realize that there is much training involved in this endeavor. Many students will get frustrated with the years of work that they are required to put into learning in this field. Many students also do not finish their graduate program requirements and end up settling for BA degrees in the field because graduate school can be strenuous. The state of Oregon requires that practicing speech pathologist and therapists achieve at least a master's degree before becoming certified in the field. This master's degree must also come from an accredited university in order for your training to be deemed valid by the state board.

The board also denotes that a person must submit transcripts from accredited schools that show that he or she has completed at least 60 hours of a rigorous program that provides a student with a well rounded knowledge of the field of speech and language pathology. 18 of the 60 hours that are required to be certified to practice speech and language pathology must also be devoted to learning about the normal development of speech, hearing and language while the other 42 must provide knowledge about their management.

The completion of 275 hours of supervised clinical experience is also required in order to be deemed certified which is a relatively lower amount than that of other states as far as speech and language pathology is concerned. This hands-on training must also be supervised by a practicing pathologist who is already properly certified. A standard 9 months of experience must also be completed in order to get a license in the field. This must be completed with a certified supervisor monitoring your progress only after you have achieved your master's degree or the equivalent education. In addition to this an examination that is approved by the Oregon board must be passed with an acceptable score. After all of these steps get completed one can then finally submit their application with the fee and a background check for consideration of licensing.

The steps one must take in order to get licensed is a necessary part of becoming a speech therapist and also gaining the high salary that many desire. Without taking these necessary steps to get certified a person can only hope to become a speech therapist assistant and thus make a substantially lower salary in the process. Though salary isn't everything it can be seen as a way to success and to accomplishing your dreams in some cases. The salary that one makes in Oregon can be seen to depend on many other factors besides certification but without certification it makes little difference whether you finish school at the top of your class or not in regards to making the big money that is involved after certification. Becoming a speech and language pathologist or therapist can be seen as a way to give yourself a great boost in means and in your lifestyle and it is advised that you take every opportunity you can in order to get this accomplished in the right manner if this is your desire.