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Speech Therapy Careers in Oklahoma

Becoming a speech therapist is a highly beneficial way to make a living and one that provides support and knowledge to the many patients that require this type of specialized work. Speech therapists assess and treat a range of language issues including stuttering, and language cognition and even problems with swallowing and drooling. Speech therapists also work with a variety of different patients with various causes for their speech issues such as stroke and heart attack victims as well as those who have gone through various traumas that have ultimately led to their speech deficiencies or other language issues. Becoming a speech therapist in Oklahoma is a difficult task that involves years of training and months of hands on clinical work so this is no easy task. In addition to this, becoming a speech therapist involves the passing of the Praxis exam with a score of 600 or more in Oklahoma. You should take this and many other things into consideration before you begin to study speech and language pathology, but don't let these aspects of the field scare you away from what is a rewarding field for those involved.

Another important aspect to becoming a speech therapist in Oklahoma is that it takes more than an undergraduate degree in order to become certified to practice speech therapy, though this is necessary in order to continue on to graduate school. Most states, including Oklahoma, require at least a Master's degree before you are able to be certified as a registered speech therapist. This master's degree will qualify you for an entry level position in speech therapy but to go on to a higher status (such as a teaching position at a university) one must no doubt get a PhD in the field. It is also important to realize that when attempting to get accepted into a graduate school for speech therapy, some schools will also accept a range of different BA that are indirectly related to the field. Degree programs that focus on physical science or linguistics (among other things) can also get you into a graduate program depending on what the requirements are for the university and program you are going into.

In order seek a license in the field of speech and language pathology you must meet a series of requirements in the state of Oklahoma as explained by the Oklahoma board of examiners. This is after you finish your graduate degree program and have gotten your master's degree of PhD in the field. Among the requirements are: an application and a passport showing proof of residency or citizenship in the US. In regards to the application for licensure, you must submit this to the board with an $85 fee. This fee cannot be in cash and must be submitted in the form or a check or money order. In regards to the passport or other documentation that includes a photograph of you, this is included to ensure citizenship as law decrees that a non citizen or nonresident cannot practice speech and language pathology in the US. The Oklahoma board also requires at least three references for you to continue the process, as well as a letter from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) that proves you meet all requirements in order to continue with your licensure. In addition to this a federal background check is required along with your application.

Gaining a position as a speech pathologist in Oklahoma after you are certified is a task that can be accomplished using a variety of different strategies. One strategy for accomplishing this is to use the various online sites designated to this task. One agency that is continuously hiring new employees in this field is Today's Therapy solutions which is based in Oklahoma and has a focus of helping Oklahomans with disabilities which include speech disabilities. There are also a range of schools and universities that offer jobs in this field so you may be smart to research all of the different avenues that you can in order to get a job in the field. Job placement services in Oklahoma are also designated to this task as well as some hospitals in the state. If these avenues prove difficult in regards to obtaining a job after you get certified there is always the possibility of relocation as this is a growing field in all parts of the country.