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Speech Therapy Jobs in Kentucky

If you live in Kentucky and possess the right combination of education, experience, and licensure, you will have a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting a job in the speech therapy field. When most people think of speech therapists, they think of individuals who work with the severely handicapped or who go around helping hearing impaired or otherwise impaired students. While these are both common job descriptions in the field, they in no way encompass all that you can do as a speech therapist. In fact, speech therapy and/or speech pathology is one of the most diverse and rewarding fields out there, and this is the reason that so many Kentucky residents choose it as their chosen career.

Many speech therapists in the state, perhaps even most, do choose to work with severely impaired or handicapped individuals. They may do this in a private practice, in their own practices, in rehabilitation facilities, or in hospitals. However, many speech therapists also choose to work with those who simply having minor speech and/or language problems and who require daily or weekly encouragement and support to better their lives. So don't think that you are limited to helping only one type of person. While some therapists do work with only one group, the vast majority will work with a wide range of individuals and needs. Many speech therapists do choose, as mentioned above, to work in the school system. However, they are not limited to only working one on one with students during a special block of time set aside for each student during the day. In fact, some don't even work with students directly at all. There are many speech therapists who design special curriculum for special needs students or who work only with classroom teachers to try and find new and better ways of encouraging the learning and personal growth of students with speech or language impairments.

Surprisingly enough, some speech therapists don't even work with impaired individuals at all. There are many speech therapists out there who work with those who simply hate their accents and want to rid their speech of them. Others may even work with stage actors or others who wish to develop a particular accent or to perfect their speaking of a particular language. Some speech therapists do this as their full time job or even on the side in addition to their regular work.

No matter which area of work you choose or fall into, know that you are never stuck there. While it is important to build up a consistent and reliable resume, you are generally free to explore many different career options within the field. This makes speech therapy an excellent industry for those who get bored easily or who are always seeking the next big adventure or the next way to help others. It is not at all uncommon for speech therapists to begin their careers in one line of work and to end them in a completely different one.

It is in your best interest to spend some time exploring the field and your many different options before you start down the path toward a career in speech therapy. This will help you, first and foremost, to know what options exist and appeal to you. Secondly, you can tailor your educational and licensure paths to meet your career goals. However, do keep in mind that you are never, ever stuck. While other jobs offer little room for growth or change, speech therapy is not one of those fields. It is a job, instead, that will change and grow as you change and grow.