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The Benefits of Becoming a Speech Therapist in Alaska

If you live in the beautiful state of Alaska and have an interest in becoming a speech therapist, then you will definitely want to nurture that interest. There are many wonderful benefits to becoming a speech therapist in the state of Alaska or anywhere really. As a speech therapist, it will be your job to help those who suffer from various speech impediments. You will help them to improve their speech and, more importantly, to better their lives. It's hard to find any other job that is so personally rewarding on a daily basis, and the good news is there are many other rewards as well.

In addition to being personally rewarding, you will also find that being a speech therapist is quite financially rewarding. In tough economic times where highly qualified people are struggling to find work and layoffs are happening left and right, the speech therapy industry is still going strong in Alaska. In fact, in many cities, there is a severe need for qualified speech therapists. This can mean excellent pay and job security if you possess the right combination of education and experience for the job.

Not only is being a speech therapist lucrative, but it also offers you a lot of choice in terms of what exactly you want to do and where you wish to work. Some speech therapists, for example, choose to open their own practices or to work in the practices of others. Some speech therapists will work in the school system, in hospitals or rehabilitative facilities, or even training and coaching actors, actresses, pageant contestants, politicians, and others in the limelight to improve their speech or to prepare for a role. There are many exciting things you can do in the field, so that there never has to be a dull moment.

Of course, despite all of these wonderful benefits, there are some things that can be considered downsides to working in the profession. In Alaska and throughout the rest of the world, speech therapists are usually required to put in some very long hours, often working much longer than the traditional work day or being forced to carry their work home with them. The demanding profession can also be somewhat emotionally draining, especially if you are unable to keep a reasonable emotional distance from your patients. With the right training, however, and a good dose of time management skills, you can enjoy this career without becoming unduly stressed.

Be aware that becoming a speech therapist takes years of education and then experience in the form of internships and supervised clinical hours, so it's not something that you can go into halfheartedly. Being a speech therapist requires work before you ever step into your first place of employment, and it will require even more work after. So, make sure that you are up for the challenge and that speech therapy is what you really want to do before you take the plunge. As long as the career is right for you, you should find it extremely rewarding.