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Utah Respiratory Therapy Jobs

Finding a decent paying job in Utah can present some challenges but if you are interested in a career in respiratory care, there are some wonderful opportunities open to you. If you enjoy working with people in a nurturing and care giving environment but don't necessarily have the desire to become a doctor, respiratory care is a viable alternative.

What Is Respiratory Care?

Respiratory therapy involves the health care discipline that specializes in the promotion of optimum cardiopulmonary function and health. Therapists use scientific principles to identify, treat and prevent acute or chronic dysfunction of the cardiopulmonary system. Therapists use critical thinking, patient and environment assessment skills, and information learned in school to assist them in developing and establishing practical care plans and disease management programs for their patients.

Work Settings

Working as a respiratory therapist in Utah offers a wide range of job settings to choose from. Your own personal preferences may guide you to one type of setting over others and fortunately there are quite a few. Some of the work settings you find employment in are:

  • acute care hospitals
  • sleep disorder centers and diagnostic laboratories
  • long term acute care facilities
  • rehabilitation, research and skilled nursing facilities
  • patients' homes
  • patient transport systems
  • doctor's offices
  • convalescent and retirement centers
  • educational institutions
  • medical equipment companies and suppliers
  • wellness centers
  • private institution and industries

Licensing Requirements

At a minimum, a respiratory therapist must be licensed to work in the state of Utah. Licensing requires completion of a two year associates degree in respiratory care from a school accredited by the Committee of Accreditation on Respiratory Care (CoARC). The school will need to send your transcripts to the Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) of the State of Utah. Upon completion of your education, you will be required to successfully pass an exam administered by the National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC). This will give you certification as a respiratory therapist. You will have to supply a copy of your certification or your original score card to the DOPL with your license application. Lastly, you will need to pay a $60 application fee.

Job Requirements

Some organizations may require more than an associate degree to be eligible for positions. Typically these would be for jobs where specialized training is called for. Some situations might be work in the neonatal or intensive care unit of a hospital. Educational institutes might require a baccalaureate degree in order to teach respiratory care to others.

In addition to educational requirements, some positions may want someone who has experience on the job. They might require that an applicant have several years of experience in a hospital setting or working with elderly patients, depending on the type of job they are trying to fill.


Respiratory therapists in Utah can achieve above average salaries. The base level of pay typically starts around $48,500. This would be for entry level employees with little or no experience. The high end of the pay scale in Utah is about $64900. This type of salary would be paid to highly specialized, experienced practitioners or those in management. The average salary for respiratory therapist in Utah is a comfortable $56,500 per year.

Locating Jobs

Job search websites are a reliable source for jobs in Utah. You can also try the career placement office at the college you attended as they often have leads on jobs around the state.

*All Salaries from BLS
*This is in no way a job offer or gaurantees any sort of employment