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Oklahoma Respiratory Therapist Training

Oklahoma respiratory therapist training prepares people for this wonderful profession. A respiratory therapist in this state can earn an average of $59,000 a year. The field of respiratory therapy is constantly expanding in Oklahoma and more people are always needed. All of the respiratory therapists in this state receive extensive training and education because the state mandates licensing. A respiratory therapist fulfills an important role in the healthcare field by helping people with cardiopulmonary problems. They can examine, diagnose and treat acute or chronic breathing problems in patients.

Schooling and Learning in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma respiratory therapist training process is included in the education requirements. All respiratory therapists in this state must have a degree and receive a license. Additionally, the degree must come from an approved and accredited school. In Oklahoma, there are many online and traditional colleges, vocational schools, universities and technology centers that offer degrees in respiratory therapy.

Most respiratory therapists receive an associate's degree and two years of education. Some choose to study for a bachelor's degree or master's degree. A PhD in this profession is also a possibility. All of the degrees have strict requirements that must be met, and a "C" average is the lowest passing grade for most programs.

The Process

Respiratory therapists in Oklahoma learn everything they need to know to prepare them for this career. Most programs begin their Oklahoma respiratory therapist training by teaching the students basic subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. Students focus on learning about the internal and external processes of the body. Once an understanding of the processes in the human body is established, most programs move on to teaching specifics about respiratory care. Breathing illnesses, conditions and treatments are discussed.

The classes focus on learning about equipment and testing for various cardiopulmonary conditions. Future respiratory therapists learn about CPR, medical gases, medications and other ways to help patients suffering from breathing problems. They receive training that prepares them for a variety of settings including nursing homes, hospitals, private practices, ambulances and many others.

Students who receive Oklahoma respiratory therapist training are ready to take on the roles of this healthcare position. In addition to learning in classrooms, many programs include the ability for students to receive hands on training in real life situations. Medical facilities welcome students who are able to treat real patients and learn more about respiratory therapy. Students can diagnose patients, examine patients, consult with doctors and prescribe treatments. They can take sample and have them analyzed to learn more about the breathing problems in their patients. Additionally, they can educate the public about safety and breathing disorders.


A student who receives Oklahoma respiratory therapist training is able to fulfill many roles. They will be able to examine and diagnose patients with breathing problems. They can help people with asthma, emphysema and many other conditions. Respiratory therapists can provide critical care or normal care. They can perform CPR in rescue situations or specialize in neonatal medicine. The possibilities are never limited for respiratory therapists. This field is still growing, so as more advances are made, the duties of a respiratory therapist expand.

The healthcare field is set to eclipse all previous expectations of growth. The aging population in Oklahoma is constantly requiring more care, and the need for more respiratory therapists is rising. In addition, advances in technology are constantly being added, so the role of respiratory therapists is increasing as they can provide more care for the public. Everyone recognizes that respiratory therapists provide an invaluable service in the healthcare field. This profession has a bright future.