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New Jersey Respiratory Therapy Programs

There are many New Jersey respiratory therapy programs that will fit your needs. Respiratory therapy is a growing profession, and there is a growing need for more people in this field in New Jersey. Respiratory therapists make an average of $65,000 a year in this state, so working in this field has many benefits. A respiratory therapist provides essential services in many healthcare settings. They work with patients who have chronic breathing problems like asthma or emphysema. In addition, they help in emergency situations and are often called upon to help administer CPR or determine the right breathing apparatus for a person. Respiratory therapists have many important responsibilities.

Different Programs

A variety of New Jersey respiratory therapy programs exist in this state. There are several online degree programs available for people interested in becoming respiratory therapists. Additionally, there are traditional colleges and universities that offer degree programs in respiratory care. Online schools and other options provide students the ability to study at home at their own pace. On the other hand, students can enjoy more interaction on traditional campuses.

If you are interested in schools that concentrate on respiratory therapy, then you may want to consider several different schools. If you prefer a school that has many adult students, then you will find this option in New Jersey. Some people prefer to live on campus and experience life in the dorms, so some of the colleges in New Jersey can offer you this opportunity. Each college and university will offer students a chance to become a respiratory therapist. They may have slightly different programs or requirements, but they all create professionals with the skills needed in this healthcare field. Most programs will offer a full range of classes including biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology and others. You will also often have the opportunity to receive training from experiences in real hospital settings with patients.

Different Degrees

There are several different degrees available from the New Jersey respiratory therapy programs. The most common degree offered by schools is the associate's degree. You will have to fulfill two years of study to graduate and receive an associate's degree in respiratory care. You can also receive a bachelor's degree in respiratory care, but you will have to study for four years. The New Jersey respiratory therapy programs include the option of receiving higher education. A master's degree or a PhD in this field will raise your salary significantly, but you may have to study for a total of eight years, and these degrees are more expensive.

All of the degrees require a strong background in math and science. Although each program in New Jersey will have different guidelines, most schools will only allow students to graduate if they have at least a "C" average. You will have to take a National Board exam in respiratory therapy and receive a license before you can practice in New Jersey.

Requirements for Getting into New Jersey Respiratory Therapy Programs

There are requirements that need to be considered to enter the New Jersey respiratory therapy programs. To become eligible for the associate's degree program in New Jersey, you must graduate from high school and have a diploma. You may be required to show your SAT or ACT scores to determine your eligibility for the New Jersey respiratory therapy programs. If you are interested in pursuing higher education, the requirements became more difficult. A bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy will require you to already have an associate's degree in this field and a Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) certification. The master's and PhD programs require a bachelor's degree and proof of working in the field through several years of experience.