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What Types of Respiratory Therapy Equipment is used in Michigan?

The answer to the question as to what types of respiratory therapy equipment is used in Michigan is that in some ways, the respiratory therapy equipment used in Michigan is very much the same as would be found in other parts of the United States. The type of facility involved and their respiratory therapy budget will affect which pieces of equipment are used, as well as whether the most current technology is being utilized.

Some of the equipment that may be used in Michigan for the respiratory care of patients includes oxygen tents, oxygen masks, mechanical ventilators, incubators, catheters, minicomputers and other computers, blood gas analysis equipment, aerosol therapy equipment, pulmonary function equipment, resuscitators, positive pressure breathing apparatus, devices that regulate pressure and flow, and a variety of hand tools. All of these pieces of equipment allow the respiratory care specialist to treat, diagnose, monitor, test or assess the patient.

Additionally, patients may be using other pieces of equipment that the respiratory therapist will need to work around and understand enough to know how it relates to the status of the patient and when an indication is present that something is wrong.

Respiratory therapists address the needs of patients of all ages who have difficulty breathing for a variety of reasons. A respiratory therapist can treat an infant in an oxygen tent one moment and an elderly person on a mechanical ventilator in the next.

Because the heart and lung systems are connected, any problem that arises with one system can affect the other. This means that respiratory therapists must be able to work with patients who may have heart problems in addition to lung problems, and will be exposed to and working with a variety of both heart and lung treatment and diagnostic equipment. The heart and lung problems can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, illness or disease and accident.

One aspect of the job of the respiratory therapist is to be able to assess the condition of the equipment being used. A respiratory therapist must be able to monitor the equipment and ensure it is in top functioning order. Knowing how to troubleshoot the equipment can be beneficial as well.

If the reason for raising the question as to what types of respiratory therapy equipment is used in Michigan is related to job seeking, a good way to truly assess what is being used is to ask for a tour of any facility in which work is sought. This will allow the job seeker an opportunity to see the equipment currently being used, as well as its condition.