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What is a Career in Respiratory Therapy like in Kansas

Those considering a career in respiratory therapy in Kansas may have many different questions about the profession. While some of these may pertain to the job outlook and salary, many simply want to know what the career is like. The truth is though, Kansas 500 respiratory careers are very diverse and duties can significantly differ by the employer and even the employment setting. No matter which career path is chosen, there is nothing mundane about a career in respiratory therapy.

Duties and Job Description

The role of the respiratory therapist in Kansas can consist of monitoring, evaluating and treating patients from a variety of backgrounds and ages. They work alongside other health care professionals such as physicians, nurses and other therapists on a routine basis. An integral part of the care provided includes the ability to be flexible and work well with others. Rather than be confined to one specific area within the health care institution, respiratory services usually float to the areas in which they may be needed. In hospitals for example, they may go back-and-forth between the emergency department, medical surgical units and even critical care units just to name a few. Only those that specialize within a particular area will typically work in one specific department.

Employment Settings

Respiratory therapy careers are not the same among all employment settings. Therapists in Kansas may work in offices of physicians, pulmonary rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and skilled nursing care facilities just to name a few of the employment settings which may be available. Those that work within the hospital setting tend to focus more on acute care and stabilization, while those in other settings may provide more maintenance therapies and preventative measures. Specific tasks can include maintenance of airways, administration of breathing treatments and monitoring the responses of such efforts. Once again, this will vary by the individual employment setting and the needs of the individual employer.

Nature of the Work

The hours and nature of these positions are fairly consistent across the board, with the exception to sleep clinics and some physician's offices. Respiratory therapists in Kansas may work various hours. This can include shift work. Those that work for a physician may work the traditional Monday through Friday workweek with holidays and weekends off, others will work varying hours. This can include night shift, rotating shifts, ten or twelve-hour shifts and even weekends. Those that are employed within hospitals may have to work some holidays and other odd or irregular hours based on the needs of the facility. These professionals are often on their feet for an extended period of time throughout their scheduled shift.

Other Considerations

Respiratory therapy careers in Kansas 500 can differ quite significantly in terms of what the work is like. Those that specialize or work in managerial positions may have considerably different duties. However, the hands-on training component of the chosen respiratory program can help prepare the student for what they can expect once entering into the workforce.