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What Types of Respiratory Therapy Programs are in Idaho?

Hawaii respiratory therapist careers are in high demand. There are more and more health care settings that are beginning to utilize the services of these highly trained professionals. They may work in a variety of different settings and will have several opportunities available to them. In addition, those that choose to work in this field will not have to settle for a particular career. As a matter of fact, there are many occupations for respiratory therapists in Hawaii. In order to obtain employment as a respiratory therapist in Hawaii, the person must first obtain the necessary credentials.

Associate versus Baccalaureate Degree

As previously mentioned, Idaho requires that the person complete at least a two-year, also known as an associate degree program in respiratory therapy in order to become certified and licensed. Community colleges and universities alike offer these types of programs, as well as online schools. The baccalaureate respiratory therapy program in Idaho takes about four years to complete and is limited to four-year colleges and universities or through online schools. The associate degree prepares the student for an entry level career as a certified respiratory therapist (CRT) and provides the foundation and framework. The bachelor degree is often sought by those seeking advanced training or who desire to obtain a career in a supervisory role. Both types of programs are offered in Idaho and are increasingly popular.

Traditional On-Campus Programs

Traditional on-campus programs offered in Idaho can vary significantly depending on the learning institution. Although the basic concepts and learning foundation is the same of other programs, the person has a set class schedule that must be adhered to. Although there may be weekend and evening programs, the majority of respiratory therapy training curriculum follows the standard weekday morning and afternoon classes. In addition to classroom instruction, some schools are also taking advantage of web enhanced or what is known as hybrid learning that allows the student to complete some work online. While this is a little more convenient, many of these programs may lack the flexibility that some students may need.

Online Respiratory Therapy Programs

Online respiratory therapy programs in Idaho are becoming increasingly popular due to a variety of reasons. First and foremost, this allows the student to continue to work or take care of other obligations by avoiding scheduling conflicts. Another reason why this may also be becoming a more attractive option is due to the duration of the programs. Some students may actually be able to complete an associate degree in as little as eighteen months and a bachelor's degree in about thirty-six months, rather than the standard forty-eight. However, this will depend on several different factors including the particular learning institution and the learning needs of the student.

These are just a few of the respiratory therapy programs that may be offered in Idaho. Other options may include part-time and full-time programs for example. The availability of these courses and curriculum will depend on the independent learning institution and the student should weigh all options carefully before deciding on one particular respiratory therapy degree program.