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Can I Find a Respiratory Therapy Degree Online from Georgia?

Those seeking a degree in respiratory therapy degree in Georgia do have the option to obtain the necessary credentials online. Although there are a variety of different schools that offer traditional on-campus learning, many find that an online program may actually work better for their lifestyle and busy schedule. In the majority of cases, students seeking their degree online can complete the required curriculum in the same amount of time, if not less than what they would attending another learning institution. However, there are still some basic principles that will apply, even when obtaining a respiratory therapy degree online.

Importance of Accreditation

As with any other respiratory therapy school, accreditation is necessary for the person to become certified and licensed within the state of Georgia. At this time the online school must either be accredited by the Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs. This pertains not only to online schools, but campus based programs within the state as well. If the student completes a program that does not hold accreditation by neither of these committees, he or she is not eligible to sit for the certification exam in order to become a certified respiratory therapist (CRT) in Georgia and licensure will not be granted.

Types of Online Respiratory Therapy Degrees

As with any other type of college or university, online schools have various degree programs which may be available. However, the minimum education required by Georgia to become a respiratory therapist is an associate degree. The only exception to this is for the student enrolled in the baccalaureate program that has completed the stipulated number of hours required for an associate degree. Online respiratory therapy schools typically offer both options to prospective students, the associate and the baccalaureate degree to help meet student needs and individual goals.

Selective Admissions Criteria

When seeking an online respiratory therapy degree, there may be certain criteria that must be met in order for the person to obtain acceptance. As with other schools offering this program, many may still operate on selective admissions criteria. This may include but is not limited to maintaining satisfactory grades prior to enrolling in the program and completing prerequisite courses as required. Very rarely are there waiting lists for entry into the program since students obtaining their credentials online are offered the ability to learn at their own pace.

Finding the Right School

Although there are online respiratory therapy degree programs available in Georgia, one of the biggest challenges is finding a school that is right for the prospective student. Despite the fact that the core curriculum as defined by the state of Georgia is a required component, there may be vast differences among respiratory therapy education programs. The length of completion, quality of education, flexibility and costs are just a few things that should be considered when looking for the best online program that suits the needs of the individual.