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Where Do Respiratory Therapists Work in Florida?

Respiratory therapists in Florida work in a variety of different health care settings across the state. Although hospitals are the leading employers when it comes to this particular career, this does not mean that other employers are not abundant. Almost any location that provides access to health care typically employs the services of respiratory therapy professionals as these services are vital for health promotion and treatment of the various common conditions and illnesses that affect the respiratory system.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities, also known as long term care centers or simply nursing homes have several respiratory therapists within their employ. They are needed for evaluation and treatment of resident status and may commonly perform tasks within their scope of practice, such as administer breathing treatments and monitor blood gas or oxygen for example. Several Florida nursing and rehabilitation facilities require that a respiratory therapist be on staff at all times and depending on the size of the facility, many more may be necessary. Odd hours and weekends may be required of those working in such facilities.

Offices of Physicians and Clinics

Although less common, some Florida respiratory therapists work in physician offices. Many physicians are starting to take hold of this concept as a way to decrease costs for patients and provide clients with chronic respiratory illnesses or diseases more effective management. Therefore, there are a growing number of respiratory therapy jobs available in the offices of physicians with a focus on pulmonary rehabilitation services. The therapist in the physician's office typically works a standard Monday through Friday, with the exception to offices that may have extended or weekend hours. In addition, some therapists may also provide services in clinics operated by various organizations in either the city or rural areas of Florida.

Home Health and Hospice

Next to hospitals, one of the largest employers of respiratory therapists in Florida is home health care and hospice agencies. The therapist provides many of the same services that they would in a hospital or a nursing care facility, only the services are provided within the home setting. Evaluation, treatments and therapies and monitoring client condition are among a few of the things that the therapist in the home setting may do. These jobs offer greater autonomy to the respiratory professional and may offer more flexibility in their scheduling.

Staffing Agency

The medical staffing agency isn't as much as a setting as what it is a service. Respiratory therapists in Florida also have the option of working for these agencies. Some are travel agencies that operate within the entire state with others even branching to various states. However, there isn't one specific location that the therapist works at. Rather, he or she is an employee of the staffing agency and may work in a variety of different settings and locations. Therefore, they could provide respiratory services at any of the locations or facilities listed above or in clinics and outpatient care centers for example.