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Respiratory Therapy Degrees in Connecticut

Connecticut residents interested in seeking a degree in respiratory therapy will have various degree options available to them. While this will include choosing between an associate, baccalaureate's and even a master's degree, these are not the only options that they may have. In addition to these choices, there is the option of attending community college, a university or even taking online classes to earn a degree in respiratory therapy, just to name a few of these common options.

Associate Degree Programs

One of the more popular respiratory therapy degree programs in Connecticut is the associate degree program. This is typically offered by local community colleges and through online learning schools. This degree is completed in about two years or so, this prepares the person to gain entry level employment and certification as a certified respiratory therapist (CRT). A minimum of an associate's degree is required to become a licensed therapist. Although specialty certification is typically limited to those with a baccalaureate or higher, some individuals with an associate degree may choose to take additional courses for specialization.

Bachelors Degree Programs

Included in the respiratory degrees in Connecticut are the baccalaureate's programs. These typically last around four years. Although it is not required to obtain a baccalaureate degree to become a CRT, those that wish to eventually further their education or are seeking employment in a supervisory role may pursue this option. Many more specialty areas are generally available for those holding a higher degree. As with the other program types available, the person may attend the traditional classroom setting or an accredited online course in order to become certified.

Master's Degree Programs

Those seeking a master's degree in respiratory therapy around Connecticut may find that the options are not as broad. However, this is common of many programs offering a master's degree and there are still suitable programs available. In order to be accepted into a master's program for respiratory therapy, most schools will require that the student hold at least an associate's degree. While there are some educational institutions that offer on-campus instruction, online courses for this specific degree are more common.

Online Learning versus On-Campus

Any of these degree programs in Connecticut can be completed at an accredited online college or university or through the traditional on-campus learning. Many students choose based on personal preferences and their unique needs. While some may learn better in the traditional class setting, many may find that the online respiratory therapy degrees are more convenient for them. They may continue to work, take care of family and other obligations and attend college without creating a scheduling conflict.

Respiratory therapy degrees in Connecticut have helped many individuals on a new and exciting career path. Whether seeking an entry level position or even advanced certification, there are a variety of programs that can assist. With online and on-campus learning opportunities available, there should be no problem finding a program that will suit the individual's educational needs and individual career goals.