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Arkansas Respiratory Therapist Careers

Arkansas respiratory therapist careers are among some of the fastest growing occupations within not only the state but in the entire health care field and even the nation. As a matter of fact, the latest trends and statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that above average growth is expected for the next several years to come. This affords several opportunities to those that are interested in becoming certified respiratory therapists (CRT) in the state of Arkansas. There are several different careers that the therapist can pursue, in diverse employment settings and with varying levels of education.

Nature of the Work

There are a variety of duties that are required for this type of career. This can include but is not limited to supervising respiratory technicians, evaluation and administration of treatments and working closely with medical professionals from a variety of backgrounds as well as patients of various ages with multiple health concerns. Unless the therapist decides to enter into sales, marketing or respiratory technology advancements, these positions consist of close patient contact on a regular basis and are fast-paced with a high level of autonomy.

Career Opportunities

There are several different opportunities available for the Arkansas respiratory therapist. They may work within multiple establishments including hospitals, nursing homes and even offices of physicians. Other options may include employment in outpatient centers, government funded health institutions, home care and hospice services. However, the majority of career opportunities are generally within the hospital setting as there is an increased demand for these services. These are just some of the options that may be available though, other opportunities will typically depend on the specific location in Arkansas and the individual employer. Certain demographic regions, such as larger cities and rural areas will also have more opportunities available within this field.

Specialty Services

Those with advanced training or education are eligible for many more career opportunities. This is especially so for advanced therapists or those that has specialized within a certain area of the healthcare system. These positions often come with a more generous salary and are in even higher demand. Examples of specialty therapist services include those certified to work in neonatal units and management of the disease process due to the increasing number of middle-age and elderly adults suffering from respiratory disorders and diseases. In order to obtain employment within a specialty, additional certification is generally required, as well as working experience.

Earnings Potential

Arkansas respiratory therapist careers boast a higher than average earnings potential. Employees within the lowest ten percent pay bracket still make over $30,000 annually with the median annual salary of over $44,000. However, salary is dependent on several different factors including experience, the specific employer and the credentials that the therapist holds. Although only an associate degree is required, those with a baccalaureate or higher and therapists with advanced training can earn much more. Experience can also play a significant role in the salary of the respiratory therapist.