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What are The Options for Respiratory Therapy Jobs in Alaska?

When considering a new career, one of the first things that come to mind is the job options which may be available in the local area. For many, this is one of the determining factors when choosing a career, even for the respiratory therapist. However, respiratory therapy jobs offer various types of opportunities to those who have successful completed an approved program. Alaska respiratory therapy jobs are very abundant and offer some very diverse career options.

Employment Settings

Some common employment settings for respiratory therapists in Alaska can include hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and even the offices of physicians. In addition, some outpatient centers and clinics may utilize these services. Another growing trend in the field of respiratory therapy is staffing agencies, home care and hospice. These options for employment settings can allow for greater flexibility and increased job prospects for the respiratory therapist. These are just a few of the settings which may be available for the respiratory therapist in Alaska.

Scheduling and Hours

As previously mentioned, several respiratory therapy positions in Alaska may offer considerable flexibility. This may be especially so when it comes to the schedule of the therapist. They may work a set Monday through Friday in certain employment settings, such as at clinics or offices of physicians or have a varying schedule. Those that work in hospitals, home care or for hospice are often eligible to work rotating shift on various days of the week. Some of the most common rotations include ten or twelve hour shifts, anywhere from three to four days a week. The therapist may also choose to work days, nights or even solely on the weekend. Other categories include working full-time, part-time and PRN, also known as needed.

Positions Available

While the staff therapist remains an integral part of the health care system, especially within hospitals, there are also supervisory roles available. One such example is the Directory of Respiratory Therapy Services. This position is usually within the acute care setting, such as a hospital and some home hospice organizations. Other fields of interest can include research, technology and even sales and marketing. However, those involved in this sector often do not have as frequent patient contact as staff therapists.


Some of the respiratory job options in Alaska include working within a specialty. For example, some therapists may work exclusively in geriatrics, neonatal care or even in sleep clinics. However, additional training or significant experience may be required before the therapist can choose to work within one specific niche. This will vary by the individual employer and by Alaska laws and regulations pertaining to respiratory therapy.

Other Considerations

There are just some of the more common job options for the respiratory therapist in Alaska. Factors affecting these opportunities can include experience and education, to name a few. Finding a job within the field is not difficult and job seeker services may be available for recent graduates of respiratory therapy programs.