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Respiratory Therapy Salary

Respiratory therapy is a high-demand profession that has been commanding a very competitive salary, particularly in recent years. This career in the medical field is also expected to skyrocket, in terms of salaries and opportunities throughout the next coming years. The increase of cardiopulmonary disease throughout the United States, commonly attributed to the increasing aging population is expected to perpetuate the high demand for respiratory therapists.

Respiratory therapists earn varying salaries throughout the United States, depending on certain factors such as, their location, their degree/level of education, their certification, and many other factors.

RT Salary: Facts & Figures

MySalary.com's Certified Professionals Analysis Survey reported an average expected salary for respiratory therapists at approximately $49,312 throughout the United States in 2011.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010-2011 edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook, respiratory therapy careers are expected to increase by approximately 21 percent for at least ten years from 2008 to 2018. This growth rate is considerably faster than job growth in any other profession.

Salary by Employer

For a better look at a respiratory therapist salary, you can look at the salaries provided by some of the top employers in the field.

  • A managed care facility, located in Oakland, CA offers hourly salaries to its employees, in amounts of $25.43 to $40.54.
  • Respiratory therapists at a healthcare facility, located nationwide are offered hourly salaries in between $24.95 to $31.43 an hour.
  • A medical center that is located in Maryland pays its therapists $19.85 to $28.27 an hour. When compared to the national hourly rate of $26/hour for respiratory therapists all over the United states – it's easy to see that preparing for a career in respiratory therapy can really pay off.

Entering into the medical field is paying off now, more than ever before, particularly in terms of a respiratory therapy career. Throughout the United States, respiratory care practitioners are making more than $25 an hour and up.

Starting Salary Range

Starting RT salaries are in between $16.29 per hour in West Virginia and $21.58 per hour in California. As education, experience and training progress, individuals within the field can earn more than $40 per hour depending on numerous factors. RT professionals typically, have normal work or business hours. Respiratory therapists that are trained to work in the medical field, like a hospital will typically work an eight to twelve hour shift each weekend, rotating holidays and working every other weekend. Many hospitals offer employees 12-hour shifts where respiratory therapists only work three days per week.

Breathing problems can affect anyone – from the youngest of infants to the eldest of seniors. A respiratory therapist plays a major role in ensuring the patient is breathing better, which in turn, helps the patient to feel better, overall. Respiratory therapy professional can earn competitive wages with a promising outlook for the future of their career, as well. Respiratory therapy is a rewarding field for many reasons, not only is this opportunity financially rewarding, but it is also emotionally rewarding, too.