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Relational Therapist School Degrees

Since relational therapy is more of a method than a type of therapy in itself, there is usually no one course of action one must take in order to become a relational therapist. Those wishing to work specifically in marriage and family therapy may choose this as their major. Many others, however, enter into the field of relational therapy with a wide array of other backgrounds and educations.

Relational Therapy Schools:

As noted above, if an individual knows that he or she wants to work specifically in family and marriage counseling, he or she can find an undergraduate institution that has this as a major. Many colleges and universities, however, will simply offer a general psychology major. The individual can then go on to get advanced training, such as a master’s or doctoral degree, in family and marriage therapy. Individuals who major in psychology, social work, family studies or other related fields can often pursue advanced course work in the field of relational therapy. Some relational therapist coupleinstitutions will even accept students who majored in English, History, or other unrelated fields. What matters is not what one gets his or her bachelor’s degree in but the fact that he or she has obtained one. This will be required to receive a master’s degree.

Depending on the job one is interested in acquiring, he or she may be able to work as a relational therapist with only a master’s degree. In most states, this individual, whether he or she possesses a master’s degree or a doctoral degree, will be required to become licensed by the state in order to practice. Licensing requirements vary greatly from state to state, so individuals should be sure to know and understand all the requirements for practice in his or her state.

Choosing a School or Degree:

As stated above, any therapist can choose to become a relational therapist. However, it is important that individuals have some knowledge of what constitutes relational therapy and of the type of environment in which he or she wishes to practice. This will heavily influence what advanced degrees the person will need to obtain. While many people think that majoring in Psychology is the best way to ensure getting into graduate school, this is not always true. Many schools are interested in educating students who come from diverse backgrounds. For this reason, it is not absolutely necessary to major in a related field during the undergraduate years. The degree one approaches afterwards, however, will matter greatly when it comes to finding a job and working in the environment of one’s choosing.

Because there are so many different ways in which to enter the field, it is a good idea for prospective graduate or doctoral students to have in depth conversations with their college advisors about the exact type of work that they would like to do and what they are looking for in a degree. Doing so will help the advisor to point the student in the right direction and to make the degree a useful and beneficial one for the student.