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Relational Therapy Salaries

Average Relational Therapist Salary: The average salary for relational therapists in the United States is approximately $47,000 per year. Of course, there are a lot of different factors that can affect whether one makes the average salary, less than the average salary, or as everyone desires, above the average salary. This article will divulge some of the tips that can help relational therapists or potential relational therapists increase their salaries.

Factors That Affect Salary:

Perhaps the most important factor that contributes to the salary of a relational therapist is the exact field or area in which he or she works. Currently, the most high paying jobs in the relational therapy world are those involving family and marriage therapy. With divorce on the rise and blending families becoming the norm, more and more people are seeking out this type of counseling, making it possible for those with educational relational marriage holding handsbackgrounds and experience in this area to make much higher than the average salary each year.

The type of environment in which one practices the therapy is also important. Those who work in private practices or who own their own practices will often make a great deal more than those who work for county mental health departments or for non-profit agencies. State jobs also tend to pay higher than county or non-profit jobs and usually include very impressive benefit packages. While salary should not be one’s first consideration when choosing a relational therapy job, it is an important factor and can sometimes be a helpful thing to consider when choosing one job over another.

Of course, experience and education also play a role in one’s salary. Someone with a doctoral degree, for instance, will always make more than someone with a master’s degree. The variety and quality of positions available to those with more advanced degrees will also be much greater. Additionally, the school that one receives his or her degree from is also important. An individual with a doctoral degree from Harvard will, of course, make more than someone with the same degree from a lesser known college. While not everyone can afford an ivy league education, one should still take great care in choosing the school or schools where he or she will receive training and education. Even smaller schools with good local reputations can provide excellent job opportunities and better salary benefits than those schools that are not well known or that have poor reputations. This is why it is important to know where one’s college stands in the national and state rankings and to have a good idea of what most of the college’s graduates have gone on to do.

While many people are perfectly happy and comfortable just making the average salary in their field, it is always a good idea to be on the lookout for more beneficial opportunities. However, one should never sacrifice a job that he or she truly loves for a slightly higher salary. In the end, being happy and fulfilled at the end of one’s work day is what truly matters in the long run.