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Wisconsin Recreational Therapy Programs

In the state of Wisconsin there are many programs that you can be a part of if you are trying to be a recreational therapist.  The requirements to become a therapist of this type in this state involves studying in a bachelors degree program in the therapeutic recreation discipline as well as going through the steps to get certification in the field.  Though it can take some time to achieve the goal of becoming a recreational therapist this time is not much considering the benefits of working in the field such as a stable job position, competitive pay and a sense of accomplishment from helping others to reach their own goals.  Recreational therapists work with people to get them to recover from certain disabilities or illnesses (at least partially). In order to be successful as a therapist it is therefore necessary to enjoy working with others in order to get to a common goal.  Therapists work with more people than just patients in this respect.  They also work with many doctors, nurses and other therapists in order to devise strategies for dealing with individual issues.  This makes the job of a recreational therapist a team based effort that you should be prepared to undertake. 

If  you are attempting to find the proper program to enroll in at the undergraduate level then it helps to know that many of those who have gone on to become successful recreational therapists have studied therapeutic recreation but this is not the only way to make your way in this career field.  There are some who have gotten equivalent degrees of education and have still been able to work.  Even though this is the case it is important to realize that this is a rare occurrence and that you should probably stick to the proper degree program for this field.  In addition to going through your degree program you may want to seek out as many opportunities to get experience in the discipline at this stage of your training.  You can do this a variety of ways such as finding a clinic where therapists work in order to shadow them and find out more about the position.  You can also seek to do research through your university in order to gain experience or seek an internship.   These are all good ways to get experience and to build up your resume for the job that you will be doing in the future.

In addition to going through a bachelor’s degree program there are also other steps you can take to work as an RT in your state including going to graduate school and pursuing your doctorate or master’s degree.  This can have many benefits including increasing your salary and giving you the chance to specialize in a particular niche of rec. therapy.  As specialists in any field often make the best salaries as well as have the most flexible hours to work you may want to try to do this if you can.  Though graduate school can be tough it is well worth it to see if you can push your education to its limits in order to become a major asset to the field.

In order to become a therapist there are a few other steps in the process besides going through your educational training.   Many who try to work in this field know that many jobs will not hire you without showing that you are certified in the field.  In order to be certified you must first achieve your bachelor’s degree in the program and then go on to complete a number of hands on experience hours.  This will give you the training you need to know what to do on the job and this will also allow you to get a feel for the job to see what areas you are good at.  At the end of your clinical trials you will also need to take a test in order to pursue your certification certificate.  As this test can be a hard one it is suggested that you do some serious studying and preparation before sitting down to take it.  This preparation will ensure that you have a good chance of passing and going on to success.