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Virginia Recreational Therapy Salaries

Recreational therapists go through substantial amounts of training normally which can lead them to land some very competitive salaries in the field but this can vary based on many factors.  The recreational therapist can make anywhere from around 17,000 dollars a year to well above 50,000 dollars depending on factors such as where they work, what their level of education is, what experience they have, as well as other things such as what school they went to and what their specialization is.  If you are attempting to become a recreational therapist and have not enrolled in the required bachelor degree program, you may want to consider all of the factors that lead to a good salary before you enroll in any particular school or degree program.
In order to become a recreational therapist it is necessary that you enroll into a 4 year college but your salary can be lower or higher depending on the school that you go to and what activities you get into while attending.  If you are not familiar with the opportunities at the school that you decide to go to it is important to research this in order to make the best decision on the school that is right for your needs.  Many people who decide to become recreational therapists pursue things such as internships in order to get all of the experience they can so that they can increase the skills they have in the field as well as their base salary.  If you go to a university then there may be certain internship opportunities that you can get in on through your school but if there are not you can always search for opportunities on your own in order to help yourself to reach your own goals.  In order to make a good salary when you graduate from school as a whole you may want to also think about pursuing higher educational status then a bachelor degree can afford you.  Though the job outlook for doctorate and master’s degree holders in the recreational therapy field is dwindling slightly, this type of education can land you in a job that has a significantly higher salary though you may have to relocate or commute to find one depending on what area you live in. 

In addition to achieving higher education another thing that you can do in order to raise the hope of getting a good salary in this position is to get your license in the field or your certification.  The process for being certified as a professional recreational therapist can only be completed after you have obtained a bachelor’s degree.  After this it is necessary to go through an internship that will give you around 500 hours of experience in the field.  This is necessary experience for the job ahead and it will help you to sharpen your skills so you will know exactly how to approach your job when the time comes.  When you are done with your clinical training you will then have to take an exam which will test your knowledge.  This exam is something that you should prepare for ahead of time and it is also one that you should plan on passing the first time you take it.  It can be very expensive to retake this test more than a few times and as you must pass it in order to be certified it can really hold you back if you do not pass. 

In order to see the most money from the job of a recreational therapist you may also want to think about specializing in some area of the field.  This can raise your salary substantially because if you become a specialist in some area of therapy you may be able to land a job at a privately owned practice.  This also has other benefits such as increased flexibility with your job schedule for the most part as well as increased job satisfaction.  While you are going through your undergraduate training you should therefore be thinking about an area of recreational therapy that most appeals to your tastes and your personality.    In addition it is important that you realize that it takes much dedication and hard work to specialize in many fields especially one that is as multifaceted as a recreational therapy.