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Utah Recreational Therapy Jobs

Recreational therapists work to help people to recover a variety of skills in order to live more productive lives.  These skills can include basic motor skills or a variety of others such as reasoning skills or building their confidence and they also use recreational techniques such as games and sports to help increase these skills.  The job of a recreational therapist is necessary in the modern age because of the fact that people are getting older on average and many of the things that recreational therapists work to help or prevent happen in older adults. 

When deciding whether or not you want to become a recreational therapist there are many things that you may want to consider including the job outlook, salary and benefits of working in this field.  In the state of Utah there are many types of settings that recreational therapists can work in but a few of these settings are seeing a decline in this type of position.  As many hospital and personal care facilities are decreasing the amount of recreational therapists they hire this is making it especially hard to land a job in these settings.   In contrast to this many mental health facilities are seeing an increase in this type of job as more people are getting older and some are becoming sick or disabled in the process. This is why it is important to research the type of therapy you want to pursue and how it can benefit you in the long run.

Recreational therapists can work in other settings in addition to hospitals and mental health clinics including rehabilitation centers where they consult with a variety of staff members such as physicians and nurses as well as psychologists in order to assess and treat their patients.  In addition to this many may also work with the homeless or with those who are suffering from drug addictions.  In the long term care facilities that therapists work in they are responsible for creating structured activities for patients to use in order to improve their condition.  They also provide interventions to help those who are sick or disabled to avoid further medical complications.  In a community based setting recreation therapy can also be used in park and recreation and special education districts.  This goes to show that there are many jobs to be had with the proper training in the field.

The training that is involved to become a competent recreational specialist can be a long process starting with enrolling into a college in order to get a bachelor’s degree in the field of therapeutic recreation.  While enrolled in school at this level it may also be important to you to get further training by taking up an internship and shadowing someone who works in the type of setting that you would want to work in upon graduating.   This type of training would also help you substantially in transitioning to your duties in your future job setting.  In addition this can also be a deciding factor when it comes to being accepted into a graduate degree program for your major.  If you are pondering getting an internship you may want to seek one through the accredited university you go to but there are also other ways of being a part of one including searching through job databases online.

In addition to going through an undergrad degree program to get your bachelors in recreational therapy many jobs will also require that you be certified to practice.  The certification process can take a while depending on your level of experience.  During this process you must be willing to complete many hours of clinical experience as well as take the certification exam that is required for you to become certified.  In addition to this many states may also require you to file for a license to practice as well.  When researching the type of recreational therapy you would like to be a part of it is important to also search what the requirements for that particular job are.  You could find that you do not need to be certified but as the majority of jobs require you to complete this step it would be wise to train for your certification regardless.