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Rhode Island Recreational Therapist Training

Becoming a recreational therapist is often a long process that can require much focus and training at the undergraduate level in order to do.  This is because the minimum requirement in most states when it comes to this type of work is that you complete a bachelors degree in the therapeutic recreation concentration in order to practice in the job world.   In addition to this it may be important for you to get your certification in the field depending on what setting you want to work in. 

RT’s can work in many different settings depending on the degree and training they acquire during their academic years.  For a person that holds a master’s or doctorate degree in the field there are the most jobs available but the job outlook for those who hold a bachelor’s degree is the best at this current point in time.  This is because many more recreational therapists are wanted for the mentally unstable and the disabled then for any other demographic.  With that being said, before seeking your training it is important to know if you are comfortable working around the sick or disabled as the majority of jobs deal with this.  If you do not like working with the disabled or are a person that does not have the patience and imagination that this job requires then it may be a waste of valuable time to pursue a position in the field.  If you are a person that has these traits and that is willing to dedicate yourself to the training, you can find that this job can be a very fun and beneficial way to make your living.

In pursuing a job as a recreational therapist many start their training by enrolling into a 4 year bachelor’s degree program in the therapeutic recreation discipline.  The classes you will take in this major will vary from things such as anatomy and administrative classes to other, more focused classes like treatment and treatment planning.  In order to complete your training you will have to know about all aspects of the field so do not be surprised if you learn many things that you will not need in your career if you decide to specialize in a particular branch of therapy such as music or aquatic therapy.  In addition to getting a bachelor’s degree you will also have to do a number of other things in order to get your certification to practice.  Among these things are aspects of training such as getting a number of hours of clinical experience and taking a board mandated exam that will test your knowledge of the field.  It is necessary to prepare yourself for this exam early if you plan on making the most of your career.  One thing that many decide to do when it comes to getting the educational training required to be a therapist is to apply to join internship training in their undergraduate years so that they can acquire the necessary hands on training for certification.   This is often the best thing to do because there are often many more opportunities for students to do this than non students.  If you are in your undergraduate stage of training and have not gone through an internship then now could be a good time for you to do this.

In addition to deciding whether to join an internship in your undergraduate stage many may also want to think about pursuing a higher level of education besides the bachelor’s degree which is a minimum requirement to get a job in the field.  Getting this type of degree can often open up the job pool and aid you in being able to land more prominent jobs after graduation.  For example, many who reach this stage in their education can work for universities doing research or even teaching.  This is a good way to boost your prestige as well as your salary in the long run.  In addition, getting your master’s or doctorate degree in this field can be even more beneficial to you as far as your schedule and career development is concerned.  This is something to think about early on in your undergraduate career.