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What is the Job outlook for Recreational Therapy in Ohio?

When it comes to becoming a recreational therapist in Ohio, many who decide to pursue this career path do so because of the good job outlook it has as well as the competitive salary.  The average amount of jobs in this field is rising faster than many other jobs in the American workforce and this is because more and more people are making it to older ages.  As recreational therapist work with people who are suffering from a disability or who are sick and in need of rehabilitation, many of the people who practice in this field work with older adults.  In the case of recreational therapists for sports settings, this may not be the case but there is also a demand for recreational therapists here as well.  In addition to this, the special needs schooling sector is seeing an increase in the need for recreational therapists as well so pursuing a job in this field has the benefit of much job stability and options for those who try and succeed in landing a job.

In addition to having good job outlook, being a recreational therapist is also a very helpful job for society. This is because recreational therapy deals with more than the physical but can also help people with mental stress and disability.  A person who practices in this field has the job of helping people through a variety of techniques including dance, social skill building, art, crafts and other things that can alleviate things such as depression and anxiety.  In addition the recreational therapist often works with a variety of others such as psychologist and nurses in order to pinpoint a patient’s exact needs whether they are physical or mental.  If you want to practice in this career path then it is necessary that you have some of the traits that will help you to be successful such as an affinity for helping others and being compassionate and respectful towards others.  Having traits such as these can assist you in taking pride in the work you do and this can help you to go far in the field.

If you are thinking about recreational therapy it may be in your best interest to know what it takes to get to the point that you can practice in a job setting.  Therapists in general usually have to pursue at least a master’s degree to practice plus go through a certification and licensing process in order to get a job.  In the case of a recreational therapist many can work at the entry level without being certified or going through a licensing process (except in some states).  In many places it is appropriate to become certified even if you do not pursue a master’s or doctorate degree in the field as you cannot get a job without doing so.  This certification process involves getting a bachelor’s degree, having at least 480 hours of training in an internship as well as passing a board mandated test which will test your knowledge of the requirements in the field.  Though this can seem like a lot to handle the benefit of becoming certified is  important to your growth in this career path.

When pursuing your certification you may also want to think about pursuing a higher degree of education besides the bachelor’s level.  This is because the higher the amount of education you receive in the field the higher your base pay and job opportunities get.  Getting a master’s degree itself can raise your salary outlook significantly and getting a doctorate can raise this even further.  In a society where many people are competing for a limited about of resources it may be the best thing that you can do to get a high level degree for your future and your family’s future.  The good thing about pursuing higher education nowadays is that there are so many avenues that you can take in order to do so.  There are even master’s degree programs from accredited schools that you can take solely online.  This can benefit those who have busy lifestyles and need more flexibility.