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What are the wages for a Recreational Therapist in New Mexico

Recreational therapists work all over the state of New Mexico and they do much to help people who are suffering from disabilities in various communities.  A recreational therapy job is one that offers the practitioner a host of benefits including a good work schedule, many places to practice, as well as a good salary.  In terms of salary it is important to note how many different factors can influence the amount that you get paid if you are planning on working in this field.  One thing that benefits you as far as getting a higher salary is concerned, is the amount of training you receive in the field.  In addition to this, how well you do in your undergraduate or graduate studies is important as well as your degree.   As it takes a bachelor’s degree to work in the field at the entry level you should expect to make substantially less as a bachelor’s degree holder than as a master’s or doctorate degree holder.  This is why you should pursue the highest levels of education possible if you want to advance to the highest paying salary.
In terms of becoming a recreational therapist there are a variety of things that you must do in order to accomplish this goal.  As mentioned you must obtain a bachelor’s in the recreational therapy major in order to even be considered for a job but it is good to start thinking about if this is the career path for you at the high school level.  In order to be accepted into an accredited university you should be able to show a university that you are working towards a goal through maintaining good grades at this stage.  Beyond this it is also important to show a job holder that you have been diligent in your undergraduate studies as well to boost the amount of money you may be eligible for as a starting salary.  In addition to this there are many internship holders that will want to know your GPA throughout your undergraduate studies so this is important to keep in mind.

If you are enrolled into an undergraduate degree program in the recreational therapy major then you should consider also searching for internships in the field while you are a student.  This is because an internship will show you the nature of the job and what you will be responsible for knowing how to do upon your graduation.  In addition to this getting an internship will help you to get into a good graduate school if you plan on pursuing this level of education.   In addition an internship will also be required for you to become certified as a competent recreational therapist and can affect the amount of money you get as salary after graduating.  These are all positive benefits of getting an internship that it would be hard to downplay.
In becoming a recreational therapist you should know that being interested in the position strictly because of salary is not a good way to be successful in the long run.  Though salary can be a motivator there are many traits that a good therapist should have that you may want to research in order to make sure that this is the right job for you to do.  Though it is a rewarding job it can be stressful for you to do day after day so it is necessary to know if you can handle the job before going through a lot of schooling for nothing.