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New Jersey Recreational Therapy Programs

A recreational therapist is an individual that uses a variety of techniques that can range from physical therapy to mental therapy in order to help people to regain their confidence and mobility if they are sick or disabled.  If you want to pursue a career in recreational therapy it is important to know that there are many steps involved starting at the high school level of school.  At this stage is where you should be preparing to enter an undergraduate degree program at an accredited university in order to get the training you need for the field ahead.  In your undergraduate degree program there is also much work to be done in addition to academic work in order to be adequately prepared for what is ahead.  This involves getting an internship in order to get some experience as a recreational therapist before graduating.  Although this is an optional stage there are many jobs out there that require you to get certified to practice.  This certification involves doing at least 480 hours of training under supervision as well as a board exam in order to start your first job.  In addition to this, once you are certified and working you will have to continue getting recertified in the years to come.

There are many recreational therapy programs in New Jersey to choose from and it is necessary to know that all jobs in which you must be a certified recreational therapist require that you complete at least a bachelor’s degree program.  It is also important that your degree be from a school that is accredited in order to succeed.  Beyond this there are master’s and doctorate degree programs that you can enroll in if you want to further your education.  Many jobs also require that you have a license to practice in the field and if this is the case you should research the licensing procedure for the position you want in the state that it is to be in.  If you are thinking about pursuing the education to become a recreational therapist in the field it may be better for you to think about pursuing it to the highest levels of education in order to increase your job opportunities.  Though this job is expected to increase in demand in the years to come there is still much competition when it comes to this field.  This may be for a variety of reasons including the fact that this is a job that an individual can be proud of, that doesn’t take a lot of schooling to get into the entry level, and that the job has a good starting salary.  The average salary that a person makes starting off in this field can be up to 35,000 dollars a year depending on where you work and your level of education.  The people who decide to pursue their master’s and doctorate degrees can make substantially more than this.

When it come to getting a job in this field it is important to realize that even if you do not decide to get a master’s or higher degree there is still much training and work involved academically.  This means that you need to do as much research as possible on this position and on the various settings you can work to figure out whether this is right for you.    There are also certain traits that recreational therapists should have to succeed in the field such as being a good listener and being able to feel comfortable helping those who may be disabled.