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Nevada Recreational Therapy Salary

Becoming a recreational therapist is often a fun and interesting process for many who attempt it and depending on what setting you want to work in it could offer you the sense of pride that you want in a job.  Many recreational therapists can work in a variety of places such as hospitals, rehab centers, and in special education.  Each of these settings has its pros and cons as well as a different salary outlook.  As the national average for a job as a recreational therapist is around 45,000 dollars, you can expect to make a little over or a little less then this depending on what setting you choose.  In addition to the setting you choose other factors greatly influence the salary that you get paid in your position such as the level of education you receive and the nature of the work you do.  To add to this, the level of training you receive is also a factor that weighs heavily on your salary.

In order to get the best salary as a recreational therapist in the state of Nevada it may be important to you to seek the highest level of education you can.  Many entry level positions in this field have an average starting salary of less than 35,000 and as you go up in education you can make more than 20,000 dollars more than this amount.  Some of the top earners can make more than this as well.  Though the benefits of going to graduate school are many you can expect to spend long hours making the salary you get worth it.  The rigors of getting a graduate school education can frustrate many which are why there is a lot more competition to be a recreational therapist at the bachelor’s level of the field.

In addition to earning a good salary as a recreational therapist there are many other benefits to practicing including the fact that you are helping to eliminate or to alleviate many of the major issues that plague the lives of many older Americans.  The recreational therapist uses a variety of techniques which can help the average patient gain a sense of accomplishment which can restore confidence for many.  In this way they work with others such as psychologists and nurses in order to improve not only the person’s physical range of motion, but their mental processing as well.

  If you want to be a recreational therapist it is important to realize that besides getting a degree in the field you may also have to get certified in the field depending on what position you choose to stick with. Many people must be certified to work in educational or hospital settings so if this is one of your goals then you must go through the steps like everyone else.  The steps to be certified as a recreational therapist involve additional training after obtaining your bachelor’s or master’s degree.  You must go through many hours of training through a paid internship as well as pass an exam that is put forth by the board of recreational therapists.  As both of these steps can be grueling it is important that you prepare yourself for them ahead of time.  In addition to this it is important that you do much research on the setting that you want to work for and what other requirements that they may have in order for you to practice there in the position you want to.  Though it takes a degree of focus to get a job as a recreational therapist it can be well worth the effort.