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Becoming a Recreational Therapist in Nebraska

Being a recreational therapist in the state of Nebraska can turn out to be hard work for those who are not prepared for it.  A recreational therapist aids in the recovery of people that have disabling illnesses or mental disabilities as well which can affect their mood or thoughts about themselves.   If you are planning on pursuing the career path then it is important that you know the amount of school that you must go through can vary depending on the setting in which you want to work.  This can also vary depending on your personal preference as there are master’s and doctorate degree programs that you can take in order to practice but these are reserved for those who want more than an entry level position upon graduating.  Even though many entry level jobs require a bachelor’s degree but they can also require a higher level of education also depending on the setting. 

If you want to become a recreational therapist then there are a few things that you can do to prepare for your training including starting early, in high school if possible.  Ensuring that you have the credentials to make it into a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited school is a must if you want to pursue this career and the program usually lasts for 4 years.  During the time you are getting your bachelor’s degree in the field you may also want to look for internships at the entry level in order to get the experience you need to be successful in getting a job upon graduation from your bachelor’s degree program.  In addition to this, during the years that you are working on obtaining your bachelor’s you may also want to decide early whether you would like to go to graduate school or not.  This is because there are many steps you must take in order to have a good chance of getting into the master’s degree or doctorate degree at a school of your choosing.

There are also a few other steps that you must take in order to become a recreational therapist in the state of Nebraska including getting your certification.  Though not all jobs require certification in order for a potential candidate to be hired, it is good to have it for the number of jobs you are eligible for to increase.  This is because many companies want to hire someone who is certified in the field.  In order to be certified to become a recreational therapist you must go through a certain number of hours of a supervised internship as well as pass a board certifying exam.  As both the training you must have and the exam can be strenuous you may want to prepare for this early as well.   In order to do this you can shadow a recreational therapist and ask questions about his or her experience training on in the field or you can research through other methods.

A potential recreational therapist must do much research to ensure that the career path they have chosen is right for them.  There are a multitude of qualities that a successful RT must have is he or she is to be successful in the long run.  As there are a variety of settings to choose from in this field, as well as a variety of positions, working in the field may be something that is suited for most people who enjoy working with others.  This is not only a good way to make a living but it is a job in which you can be proud.