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Montana Recreational Therapy Education

A recreational therapist is someone who has the job of providing treatment to help people that have disabilities or any number of illnesses that warrant this treatment.  The recreational therapist uses many techniques in order to help those who need it such as dance, drama, movement exercises, games and sports as well as any number of other activities that can improve the well being of their patients.  In this way the job of a recreational therapist can be fun and exciting which cause many to want to pursue this type of career.  Those who work in this field also may find the fact that they are helping people to recover from dark periods in their lives to be a plus as well.  Therapists can help with depression, anxiety or to build a person’s confidence.  They can also assist in people’s recovery from things that disable basic motor functions. 

A Recreational Therapist works in many different settings including rehabilitation centers and hospitals as well as in schools or programs geared toward sports players.  Some also work in substance abuse centers or special education with those that have serious issues to resolve so the job may not be glamorous to all but this is a vital job to do in society. They usually work with other people such as nurses and psychologists in order to adequately assess a person that is suffering from some disabling condition.  In addition to this the RT can work to provide interventions to people so that they do not suffer from other medical problems in the future. Therapists perform a variety of duties during their daily routine as well which can include talking to the family of their patient as well as lifting and carrying equipment for a variety of sessions with other patients.  In regards to this it is important to note this all depends on what setting you decide on working in.

When it comes to the educational side of becoming a therapist, this can often take a long time depending on what stage of education you are in.  For those who are at the high school diploma level it is important to realize that it takes a bachelors degree in recreational therapy in order to land most jobs in the field at the entry level.  If you already have a bachelor’s degree in something else you may have to go back to school and obtain another in the field.  You may need to seek further education besides a bachelor’s degree for many positions as a recreational therapist, as well as get a degree of experience in the field.  For those who are thinking about pursuing this career path it may be in your best interest to seek the master’s or doctorate degree level  due to the fact that at this stage there are a whole range of job opportunities that open up and that you can be a part of.   In addition to this there is much less competition in the field as you move higher in the rankings.  If you are thinking of pursuing this career it is also important that you know if you need to be certified to work in a certain position.  The typical certification process involves getting about 500 hours of training experience as well as the passing of an exam given by the national council of recreational therapy.  This can prove a big job to do if you do not prepare yourself early.  When in college it is therefore important that you really focus on your goal and do whatever you can to achieve it.