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Minnesota Recreational Therapy Employment

Recreational therapy is a unique type of therapy provided by individuals to both groups, and singular patients. This type of therapy is very much what it says it is. Recreational therapists use fun, and interesting ways to provide their clients with way to express them, cope with stress, learn life skills, and develop social skills. There are many positions available for someone who has a degree in recreational therapy.

One of the choices you can consider when you are job hunting as a recreational therapist is working in one of the primary medical facilities in your area. Hospitals often hire recreational therapists to help provide support for the other therapy staff. Recreational therapists provide a different type of therapy, than for instance a physical therapist. If you have someone whom is a burn victim working on recovery, you may notice that they have become anti-social. It will be a recreational therapist’s job to try to come up with ways to coax the individual into working with others. For instance, a recreational therapist may start a game with other patients and encourage the burn victim to join in.

Addiction recovery centers are another example of employment options open to those with a recreational therapy degree.  Addiction recovery can be difficult, and can lead to depression, and stress. Recreational therapists try to devise activities that can help reduces the chances of depression, and lower stress levels. Activities can vary, from using group sports, or art projects to encourage people to express themselves in manners that are safe and fun.

Recreational therapists can also work for a company that provides services to the disabled in their own homes. This type of therapy can include teaching those who are struggling with their disability learn how to do the things they need to do, and get more enjoyment out of their lives. This can include teaching ways to relax, learning how to get to the park and back or just finding recreational therapy things that will make them more capable of dealing with the stresses in their lives.

Another option for recreational therapists is working within the hospital, but working directly with children who are suffering from some kind of illness. Children are especially likely to face things like depression, and anxiety when they are restricted to the hospital for long periods. This can be combated by someone with a degree in recreational therapy. Recreational therapists can plan activities for the children on a one-to-one basis, or working with groups, often they will help plan plays, or artistic activities that everyone can participate in, recreational therapy can go a long way to improve the overall well being of a child undergoing treatment in the hospital.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for employment for a recreational therapist, and they vary in the types of people, problems, and work you would be doing. If your goal is to find a position where you can help people, any one of these, and many more options are open for you when you have a degree in recreational therapy.