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Is Louisiana good for Recreational Therapy Careers?

Recreational therapists can be found in many different professions. The medical industry employs a great deal of the recreational therapists that work, but even that has its own diversity. Anytime you are working in a position that aims to provide a service to people, the more metropolitan the area you are living in the more you will be likely to find work, simply because of the density of people.

Recreational therapy, according to the department of labor and statistics has a higher than average rate of projected growth over the next six years, on the national level, so regardless of where you are living this can be a rewarding and profitable career choice.

So, what do you need to know to become a recreational therapist? To start, recreational therapists work in all sorts of situations, from working with patients one-on-one to working in a patients home helping them adjust to the simple things. Recreational therapists are highly trained individuals, and to do this work you must have at least your bachelor’s degree.

Your bachelor’s degree can be obtained from many different methods. One of the newer and more popular choices is that of an online school. Online schools are often looked down upon; however, they can offer a viable choice when it comes to getting your bachelor’s degree. Because they are new and not as well known, it is important that you check the credentials of the school you are planning to attend. Make sure that you know they are accredited, that way you won’t just be wasting your time.

Community college is another direction you can take to get your bachelor’s degree. This type of education will start you off in smaller class sizes, and with more access to the professors, because they have fewer students to deal with. Community college however, has one major disadvantage; before you can get your bachelor’s degree, you must transfer schools, as very few community colleges are equipped to offer an advanced degree.

Universities are clearly still a choice, you can end up there by transferring or start their directly. Universities offer you a larger and more diverse group of people to work with, while you get your education. Many of the students you find in job specific classes will likely continue through those types of classes throughout the four years; it will give you the opportunity to meet others going into your career choice.

No matter which path you take to get your degree you will end up with opportunities to work with those who are dealing with some of the difficulties life can present. From those with disabilities to those who are making recoveries from major surgeries. Your degree can’t promise you work, however you will have more opportunities than you had before. Recreational therapy can be a rewarding and fulfilling way to spend your life. Make sure, when you have your degree that you check all of the available options, including government run facilities.