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Programs for Recreational Therapy in Kentucky

Recreational therapists work with individuals in all walks of life who are facing hardships, such as addiction, disability, illness, and other mental problems. This type of person needs to have the desire to help others, and be able to work with all kinds of people. The first thing that you will want to do in taking steps to becoming a recreational therapist is to start on your education.

Recreational therapists are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree before they can practice. People depend on recreational therapists to teach them many of the skills they need to get through their regular lives, including things like teaching those with disabilities how to use public transportation, or teaching someone who is dealing with stress methods for expressing it.

You can take multiple paths to lead you to your bachelor’s degree. One of the first areas we will explore is community college. Community college is often the first choice of those who are highly concerned over education costs, or who are returning to school after years of being out. Community colleges can offer somewhat flexible class hours, often offering students night classes; they also aim to provide smaller class sizes. Working in a smaller class makes it easier for you to more directly address your professors with questions, or concerns that might take scheduling office visits for in a four-year university. Community colleges however have the disadvantage of only being able to provide you with the first two years of your education needs. After you have finished your first two years, you will need to transfer to a full-scale school.

Some people skip the idea of community college and go directly to either private or public universities. This is a common direction for those who have just finished high school. Four-year schools mean that you won’t have to transfer. The class sizes are bigger, offering more diversity, and the opportunity to hear more types of opinions. Universities can provide you with all of the education you need to acquire your bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy.

Another choice that shouldn’t be skipped over is online schools. Online schools are a viable option for your education. Online schools that offer bachelor’s degrees can be an especially good choice for those students that don’t have the option of quitting, or altering their work hours. It can also offer stay at home moms who have young children at home a way to avoid the daycare costs that can often build up making school impossible. You’ll be able to work while your kids are home, or while they’re asleep.

Any school you choose should be thoughtfully researched so that you know it meets the state standards, if your school isn’t accredited properly it can cost you time, and money, and you may end up with nothing to show for it. Online schools are especially important, as they are often newer, and less known than the standard counterparts are.