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What is a career in Recreational Therapy like in Kansas

Determining what your day will be like as a recreational therapist is an important part of making a career choice. This type of career has many different opportunities that can be open after you have the right level of education. Recreational therapists are required to have a bachelor’s degree before they can practice in their field.

Recreational therapists work in all sorts of areas of the medical, and care faculty industry. Including, medical facilities like hospitals, doctors offices, surgical hospitals, recovery centers and more, mental health facilities, both government and privately run, rehab or drug and alcohol recovery programs, both inpatient and outpatient, nursing care facilities, elderly care homes, and more.

What you will be doing during your time as a recreational therapist can depend on what area of the career you choose to focus on. Many choose to work in the hospital care area of this, for this type of career you can find yourself, for example, working in a ward for children who are undergoing medical treatments and are required to stay at the hospital for extensive periods. The children in this position can become depressed, or anxious about their satiation. As a recreational therapist, you can help them to express more clearly the emotions they are dealing with, often through things like arts and crafts. You can also often work with animals, specially trained to help offer children comfort when they are in the hospital. These working animals can brighten moods, and help lower the level of stress the children are feeling.

Recreational therapists often also work with those who have disabilities, this can occur in multiple settings, but for example helping someone with disabilities adjust to life on their own. As a recreational therapist, you would be responsible for taking them around their neighborhood, and helping them get to know their way to and from work, or showing them how to use the bus. You can also help them with projects that can be done at home to help them think more creatively.

A recreational therapist at a inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility on the other hand might be responsible for organizing group activities, like collective music time, or art time. These can often be held in the facilities recreational facilities, or special areas designed for these activities. This can allow the patients to find a way to cope with the stress they are facing.

Working as a recreational therapist is a rewarding path to choose. These are only a few of the options that you will have available to you. Anywhere that disabled patrons, or that there are those undergoing medical treatments may present an opportunity for a recreational therapist. These professionals work hard to help their clients achieve new heights, and to think creatively. The position requires you to be calm under stress, and to work well with a diverse group of people. If you have made it part of your goal to help people in your life, you can find this to be a satisfying career choice.