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Becoming a Recreational Therapist in Iowa

Recreational therapy can be superb choice in careers. Recreational therapists work with those who are trying to overcome their addictions, disabilities, and other health related problems. They provide access to tools to ensure that these people will be able to enjoy their daily lives. Recreational therapists help people with disabilities learn to use things like public transportation, and often work with arts and crafts therapy to provide them with critical creative thinking skills.

The first thing that you will need to do to become a recreational therapist in Iowa is get your bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy, or a very closely related field. This type of degree will give you the freedom to apply for jobs in many different areas of the industry.

You have choices when it comes to getting your degree. You can consider getting your education started through a community college. A community college will work to provide you with a more affordable choice to start your education. Community colleges are often slightly more flexible in the class hours, and offer smaller sized classes. If you have been previously intimidated by the size, and hours of a traditional university this can be a great way to get on the right track. However, you will eventually have to transfer to finish your degree, be it to a four-year or a two-year school as most community colleges are unable to offer you bachelor’s degrees.

Another choice is to consider being more traditional and going directly to either a state or privately run university. This choice is common for those students who plan to leave high school and apply directly to university, however it is open to any who meet the requirements and choose to apply. Universities can offer you an environment that is more focused on the long term, you’ll continue through the majority of your classes within a group of students who are in the same field, or a related one.

Online schools offer you a third choice for your education requirements. Online schools have dealt with a great deal of suspicion; however can offer you a resource for your bachelor’s degree. The most important thing you can do is to ensure that whatever the school you are attending, has met the requirements for accreditation. This will protect you from spending money on an education that you aren’t able to do anything with, not to mention saving you time. Online schools however do offer some great advantages. With an online school, you can continue to work full time while you are getting your degree. This can be difficult but it is doable, as the schools allow you to work when it is most convenient for you. Online schools take a self-dedication, and ability to work independently.

Use the resources the school offers, and make sure that you talk to them about any further educational opportunities, as they can point you to any licensing or certification that you may need before you can work.