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Where do Recreational Therapists work in Florida

Recreational therapists have many different positions open to them, from working with the mentally disabled; to working with those who are recovering from addiction. Recreational therapy can be a field that gives you the opportunity to help people who are struggling. A recreational therapist works directly with the patients to provide them with ways to deal with stress, help avoid depression, and alleviate anxiety.

Recreational therapists are highly trained individuals, they are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree before they can begin work, and often undergo other specialized training, or certification to ensure they are capable of doing the work.

Positions for a recreational therapist can vary significantly. One of the primary positions for a recreational therapist can be found in the general medical field. Recreational therapists are often found at hospitals, and can work in various areas. For example, a recreational therapist can often be found working in a ward where children are undergoing extensive hospital stays. Children can become depressed, or suffer from stress when they are ill and have to remain in the hospital for long periods. A recreational therapist will offer many opportunities for these kids to deal with those issues. Animal therapy, musical therapy, and games can all be ways that a recreational therapist can help improve the overall well-being of a child in the hospital. Working with a group, they can also include things like drama activities, where the children can participate in a play. Being involved with others can help to keep the blues away from these kids who are dealing with health issues.

Recreational therapists can also find position opportunities in addiction recovery centers. People overcoming addiction often need a way to deal with the stress, and emotion that is involved, along with traditional therapy; recreational therapy can provide them with a strong outlet for their issues. Art activities can be helpful in giving addicts an outlet for their stress and emotions.

Government run residential facilities will also often have positions open for recreational therapists. At a mental institution, for example, a recreational therapist will work closely with the nurses, and other health care staff to provide activities for the patients that offer them something productive to do as individuals or in a group setting. Music therapy can help patients reduce their stress, and anxiety.

These are only a portion of the opportunities that are available for someone who has a degree in recreational therapy. Some of the other options that you will be able to consider are surgical facilities, elderly nursing care facilities, and schools for the disabled. These positions vary in that you will be working with a different demographic, but in all apply the same principals to the patients.

Recreational therapy can provide you with a way to enjoy your job while helping others. Your degree won’t be able to ensure you get a position, however, it will allow you to apply for jobs, which were previously not even open for your consideration.