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Recreational therapy job outlook for Recreational therapists in Delaware

It’s hard to predict the job market, but it’s a good idea when you are considering a career to consider the facts that are available. Recreational therapists are employed in many different areas of health, mental, and government fields. Therefore, when you are thinking about becoming a recreational therapist you will want to consider all of the different positions that might be open to you.

According to the bureau of labor and statistics the projected employment of recreational therapists overall for 2018 are 26,700, which is a fifteen percent increase over the course of 2008-2018. This shows that the bureau of labor feels that the profession is one that is growing.

The job prospects on the bureau of labor and statistics points out that there will be competition for these positions. However, according to their predictions, someone who possesses the proper education will have more opportunities for positions. 

The level of education recommended to become a recreational therapist is your bachelor’s degree. This degree can be obtained in multiple ways. More and more people are improving their education while they are still working full time, with this in mind online schools are increasing in popularity. Online schools can offer you flexible hours, and the ability to work at home instead of having to take time away from work or your family to attend class.

Community colleges are another way you can start your education in recreational therapy, you will be required to transfer to achieve your bachelor’s degree. However, community colleges can provide a lower cost way to get your education going.

Universities, both private and public are still a good option for your bachelor’s degree. Just make sure that you research any school you plan to attend, as it is easy for a business to cleverly market themselves as something they are not. Ensure the school of your choice has the proper accreditation.

Many different areas of the health industry employ those who have the proper level of education. For example, you will find you can apply for positions at a mental health facility, where you will work closely with patients, as well as their therapists. You will be in charge of planning mentally fulfilling activities, like music, or drama.

The wages you should expect vary depending on where you end up working, according to the bureau of labor and statistics the highest paid recreational therapists worked at general medical and surgical hospitals as of 2008, earning the median annual wage of 42,210. Recreational therapy in a general medical facility or a surgical hospital can be a key part of patient recovery.

Those working in community care facilities, such as a home for the elderly, earned a median wage of 33,490. This type of position will often include planning activities for senior citizens with disabilities, or who are ill.
These are only a couple examples of the opportunities that you will have when you get a degree in recreational therapy. No education can ensure you will have a job, but you will have more options when it comes time to apply.