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How much training does it take to become a Recreational therapist in Colorado

Recreational therapy is a position that will allow you to work with those who have difficulties in their life. You will be helping people who have disabilities, or some type of illness to find more enjoyment in their lives. A recreational therapist works to provide therapy that improves the well-being of their clients.

To become a recreational therapist in Colorado you will need to start by getting the proper amount of education. Recreational therapists are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy or a very closely related field. You can go about getting this level of education several different ways.

With many people trying to go back to school, or start over while they are, still working full time, online schools have become popular choices in getting a degree. Online schools can be a fantastic source for your education; however, like any other school you are considering an online school should be thoroughly researched before you pay for the education. Making sure the school you are attending is accredited is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from loosing valuable time, as well as money.

Community college is another option that is open when you are getting your bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy. Community colleges are often less expensive than their four-year university counterparts.  This can help if expenses are a concern. Community colleges also have other advantages, you’ll be working with lower student numbers in the classroom, and likely have more access to the professors to ask questions, or go over something more extensively. However, you will be required to transfer to a full university before you can receive your bachelor’s degree.

Many students coming directly out of high school will choose to go directly to either a state, or private university.  This can have benefits, in that you won’t be required to transfer in the middle of your education, and you will likely be working with at least some of the same students for the full four years. If this is the option, you are choosing you will want to be sure that you meet the entrance requirements, or you will have to complete them within a specific length of time after being accepted.

Any of these schools should provide resources for you to take advantage of, including educational counseling. These professionals can be invaluable resources to help you as you work on your degree. You will want to talk to them as you schedule your classes, they can help to make sure you aren’t missing any requirements, or taking a class you don’t need. By making sure you are taking only classes that will apply to your degree you will avoid having to spend longer in school, and pay more for your education than is necessary.

As you can see, you have many options open to you when you are pursuing your degree in recreational therapy.  Once you have completed your degree, and any state licensing requirements you will be in a position to start applying for recreational therapy positions.

Recreational therapists are employed in some of the major players in the health industry, including, surgical hospitals, cancer care facilities, mental facilities, both government and privately run, addiction recovery centers, and elderly care centers. Though your degree won’t promise you a job, it does open up more opportunities for you to apply for positions.  Recreational therapists help to provide activities to improve the overall well being of their clients. It will offer you a rewarding career.