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What are the options for Recreational Therapy Jobs in Alaska

Recreational therapy is a rewarding choice for your career. Recreational therapists provide comfort to those who might not otherwise be able to cope. As a recreational therapist, you can work with those who are ill, or disabled, and provide them with many ways to improve their daily life. For example, as a recreational therapist, you will find yourself planning art projects, encouraging group events, making sure that your clients are getting the mental flexing, and physical motion that they need. Because someone with an illness or disability is more prone to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental problems, working with a recreational therapist can help them to avoid sliding into these behaviors. You will have a vast choice of positions open when you have your degree.

As a recreational therapist in Alaska there are many jobs that you will you can apply for. For starters, recreational therapists often work in centers for those with disabilities.  Disability centers can be privately owned and operated or they can be operated by the state. In this type of position, you will find that you are working in some kind of activity room, or one on one with patients at the facility. 

Hospitals and medical facilities often also employ recreational therapists. For example, working on a ward with ill children is one option for a recreational therapist. You will be in the position to provide them with activities to improve their disposition. You will find yourself planning art projects, and other group activities that will help to keep the children from having to face depression. It can also help to lower the stress that they face, while having to remain in the hospital.

Mental faculties like hospitals also offer positions for recreational therapists. When someone is suffering from a mental illness, it’s important that they have things in their life that provide enjoyment. As a recreational therapist, you will find you can play games that improve the patients mind, memory and other functions, and keep them from becoming anxious while they are undergoing treatment for their illness.

Schools for the disabled can also employ recreational therapists. You would be working closely with students, and therapists, to provide activities, like arts and crafts, and games that will help take students minds off the difficulties they are faced with, this can help to lower student stress rates, and allow them to excel in class.

To be in a position to apply for any of these positions you need to ensure that your education and licensing is in place. You can contact the Alaska state licensing board to ensure that you are meeting their requirements. In most cases, you will be required to have a bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy before you can work in any of these facilities. You can also help to improve your resume by ensuring that you have any certifications, or extra training that is available. The more education you peruse within your field the more you can improve your chances at finding a recreational therapy position in Alaska.

Recreational therapy can be a strong and rewarding career path. You’ll be rewarded when you see the patients you work with improving, and enjoying the activities you plan. Recreational therapists offer an outlet for stretching the minds of those who are ill, or suffering from a disability, this type of therapy can help improve how much they enjoy their lives. There are many positions you can apply for when you have a degree in recreational therapy, from schools, to hospitals, you will have options.