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Bordered by Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and Iowa, Wisconsin is part of the region known as the Midwest. The state is comprised of many rural areas and is a major producer of dairy products including, milk and cheese. Milwaukee, home of the baseball Brewers, is the state's largest (most populous) city, and the state capital is Madison.

Because of the many rural regions of the state, this is an attractive state for physical therapists. This is because growth in this profession seems to be proportionately related to the amount of residents living in rural areas. There are other factors, but this is a big one. So what kind of physical therapy programs do colleges and universities in the state provide for students? Well, one university in the state offers a doctorate degree in physical therapy. The program is three years in length, or at least it is designed to be completed in three years. As with any quality physical therapy program, this one offers both classroom and clinical learning.

In fact, the program actually mixes full-time clinical stints with classroom experiences. As valuable as in the classroom learning can be, it is during these clinical stints that students get an idea of what they are actually getting themselves into. A big part of practical experience is about students learning to relate to patients. Knowing all the parts of the body and its various movements and the best exercises for injuries is not enough if your patient doesn't trust you or is uncomfortable with you.

This particular program is the oldest such program in the state and is only open to applicants with bachelor's degrees from accredited colleges and universities. Its curriculum is geared to teaching students about procedures that can be used to improve physical impairment to movement. There are also other programs offered by schools in Wisconsin. Many of these are two-year master's programs. While each program is unique, all of the top programs have many commonalities.

All physical therapy programs should be committed to learning. Even after therapists receive licensure, the learning continues. This learning takes place in the classroom in the form of continuing education, and in the work environment. Each case and each patient offers a new opportunity for learning for the physical therapist. This is why students must have strong intrapersonal skills, and why these skills are taught in the academic setting. Students are also taught to develop communication skills and use constructive feedback as they work with patients and coworkers.

Top physical therapy programs take nothing for granted. Not everyone uses time and resources in a positive manner. This is why these elements are taught to students as they prepare for their careers. Other areas of study include problem solving, professionalism, critical thinking, stress management and responsibility.

If you are thinking of becoming a physical therapist and you want to study and train in Wisconsin you shouldn't have any great difficulty finding several quality training programs to choose from. There are also online schools that offer strong programs. However, these should be incorporated with some practical experiences.