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Virginia has many nicknames. Two of the more popular ones are Old Dominion and because of the plethora of American Presidents who came from the region the state has been labeled the Mother of Presidents. Like most states, Virginia has been negatively impacted by the recent recession, but there are still economic opportunities in the state and it is situated in a desirable location for many people.

If you are a physical therapist thinking of moving to the state or if you are a student of physical therapy looking for a location in which to study and eventually set up practice learning a little more about Virginia and physical therapy positions in the state is a good idea. Virginia is large enough and diverse enough that there should be plenty of positions in whatever area of physical therapy you focus on. So let's take a look at some of the salaries being offered for physical therapy positions in the state. Before we start, it should be mentioned that the average salary for physical therapy job postings in Virginia are about 18 percent lower than the average salary throughout the nation.

Located in the Hamptons Roads metropolitan area, Virginia Beach is known for tourism. This industry and related industries account for almost $900 million annually. Tourists account for the cities large number of residents employed by hotels and motels, restaurants and other service industries. However, the economy is not solely focused on visitors. The economy is heavily dependent on the agricultural industry and on military related spending. Virginia Beach has several military bases, including the U.S. Navy's NAS Oceana, which is the largest employer in the city and one of the reasons the city and state have faired better than other areas during recession.

In Virginia Beach, salaries for posted physical therapy jobs ranged from $49,000 a year to $233,000. The lower salary was designated for a position in a rehabilitation center and the higher one was for a Physical Therapist Prn. Other positions in Virginia Beach included a Travel Physical Therapy Assistant ($69,000), Travel Physical Therapist ($71,000), Physical Therapist ($83,000) and Physical Therapist Inpatient ($61,000).

Richmond became the location for the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park in 1995. The park provides space for laboratory reach and office space for companies, research institutes, government laboratories and non-profit organizations. The city is also home to a very successful regional supermarket chain, Ukrop's Super Market.

In Richmond the top salary posted for a physical therapy job was $261,000 for a Physical Therapist Prn, and the low salary, $55,000, was for a Rehabilitation Therapist. Other positions included: Physical Therapist ($93,000), Physical Therapist Inpatient ($69,000), Physical Therapist Travel ($99,000) and Pediatric Physical Therapist ($70,000). Average salaries in Richmond were 8 percent below the national average.

While the salaries for physical therapy jobs in Virginia tend to be less than the national average, there are open positions in the state, which is great news, especially in the current economic climate in which so many jobs have been eliminated and unemployment figures continue to hover above normal levels.