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Tennessee regulations on becoming a Physical Therapist

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Moderate winter temperatures in much of the state, strong industries and wide open spaces as well as large cities make Texas attractive to large numbers of people. A highly active population that spends much time outdoors playing and staying active makes the state ripe for the services of physical therapist. Another trend in the favor of therapists in Texas is the frequency at which retirees are moving to the state.

Traditionally, Texas has been a place with high employment. The abundance of jobs has in many instances stemmed from the oil industry and ranching. Cowboys and cattle have been associated with the largest state in the lower 48 since it became a state. The discovery of oil in large amounts beneath the Texas soil and the subsequent drilling has produces scores and scores of millionaires and created high paying jobs for laborers and professionals alike.

Are you looking to get started on a physical therapy career in Texas? The first step is choosing a school. There are many to choose from in the state. Do you want a large campus in a large city? Texas has it. Do you want a small campus in a small town? Texas has it. And the state has all the possible combination that fall between those two options. Once you decide on the university or college you want to attend, do a little research and make sure it offers the undergraduate degree you will need when applying for a graduate program in physical therapy.

Getting a degree in biology, chemistry, or kinesiology should put you on the appropriate path. However, be sure that your school and its physical therapy program meet the requirements of national, state and any local physical therapy governing boards or associations. Once the undergraduate degree is prominently displayed on your wall, it's time to begin work on the next one. This will be a master's degree from an accredited physical therapy graduate program. In terms of academics, this second degree will be all you need to enter your chosen profession.

However, therapists' jobs are high paying and the competition for positions may become more intense in future years. This means that the more academic hardware you can compile the better your chances of reaching the top levels in your field. In short, if possible you want to take one more step in the academic field and earn a doctorate in physical therapy if possible. Sure this will mean more time in school, but as the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. A couple extra years in school can translate to much more money down the road.

After you have made your decision and are equipped with your master's or doctorate, you will need to pass a qualifying examination before applying for licensure with the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. You will also have to apply for licensure in the state through the Executive Council of Physical and Occupational examiners. And you will have to pass exanimations before receiving a license.