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South Carolina wages for Physical Therapists

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Physical therapy jobs can be found in the towns and cities across the Coastal Plains, Sandhills, Piedmont and mountains of South Carolina. Included in the group of states that is often referred to as the Deep South, South Carolina offers a diverse landscape that includes beaches, mountains, hills, forests and of course cities—though not many large ones. The state's 46 counties are mainly comprised of small to midsize towns. The Palmetto State is mostly known by outsiders because of its coastal locations of Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Hilton Head. Myrtle Beach is sometimes referred to as the golf capital of the world because of its many courses and a climate that allows for play on the links much of the year. Historic Charleston is known for its architecture and "southern charm."

As mentioned, South Carolina is a diverse state in terms of landscape. This is also true in the areas of economics and quality of life. While many residents live what would be considered normal middle-class lives, there are many other residents living at and below poverty level. There are areas of the state where citizens are hampered by a lack of industry and decent paying jobs. Thus the salary for a profession such as physical therapy will vary noticeably from town to town.

In the southern region of the state, the city of North Augusta is not likely to offer as lucrative a salary for a physical therapist as would be offered in the capital city of Columbia. To get a better idea of how wages compare across the state, one can take a look at similar job positions and salaries available in South Carolina towns during the same year.

In 2007, physical therapy job openings advertised by one staffing agency offered salaries ranging from $52,000 to $66,560. This significance difference can in part be explained by the level of experience required for the various openings, as well as by the companies seeking employees. In the same year, four jobs in the small town of Cheraw, located in Chesterfield County, ranged in salary from $49,795 to $50,000. Three of the positions were in rehabilitation centers and the fourth (with a salary of $50,000) was with a home healthcare organization. Cheraw is the largest town in this largely rural and agricultural county.

Also in 2007, a home health care position in Charleston offered a physical therapist position with a salary of $50,000. Most of the available positions in Columbia, the home of The University of South Carolina, had higher salaries attached than positions in other sections of the state. However, in some cases the difference was negligible. Some of the highest physical therapist salaries were found in Hilton Head, which is home to many of the state's affluent residents, and the community is known for its golf courses, beaches, resorts and professional tennis tournaments.

Though South Carolina, with a population of approximately 4.6 million inhabitants, has no city to compete with the country's larger cities, there are still many attractions for physical therapists who want to practice in the state.