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What is the Job outlook for Physical Therapy in Ohio

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In a job market that continues to show signs of contraction rather than expansion, choosing a career is more important than ever. When jobs are scarce, graduating tops in the class may not be enough for graduates to get employed. That is why researching the potential for growth in various professions is so important to gainful employment. In Ohio, physical therapy is a profession that holds great promise for future employment.

With just over 11 and a half million inhabits the Buckeye State is the seventh most populous state in the U.S. This means that there are a large number of potential clients for physical therapists. On top of this, nearly 14 percent of the state's population is 65 years old or older. Senior citizens are often the individuals served by therapists, making the state even more attractive to physical therapists. Some statics have predicted that the number of jobs related to physical therapy will increase by nearly 30 percent during the years of 2008-2018. This large of an increase over a 10-year period makes physical therapy an attractive field for current college students looking to give themselves the best chance of finding employment after graduation.

Once students have completed the necessary course work and obtained at least a two-year master's degree and completed all the necessary steps for gaining licensure in the state, they can find jobs in various health care facilities, fitness centers and in individuals' homes. Again, many patients will be senior citizens. However, there is no age group that is immune to the injuries and the difficulties treated by physical therapists.

Once a therapist becomes licensed in the 34th largest state in terms of area, he or she will definitely want to consider becoming a member of the Ohio Physical Therapy Association (OPTA). However, this association is also a great resource for students working toward a physical therapy career. The association is open to licensed therapists, therapist assistants and Ohio students working to become therapists and therapists' assistants. The association has nearly 2,700 members in the state and is affiliated with the American Physical Therapy Association, which has slightly more than 70,000 members.

Membership in OPTA is great for students because it allows them the opportunity to interact with professionals and other students in their field of study. The contacts made through the organization can go a long way in helping students get a strong foothold in their chosen profession. One of the goals of OPTA is to advance the practice of physical therapy by better informing the public and the medical profession of the benefits of the practice, and to increase the reimbursement for physical therapy services. The organization offers mentorship and provides professional contacts that will help therapists initiate, build and advance their careers. Within Ohio, the association is comprised of six districts that meet individually, creating an even closer network for members.

When the growth of jobs in physical therapy is coupled with a strong supporting organization (OPTA), Ohio is fertile ground for physical therapists now and into the future.