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North Carolina Educational Requirements for Physical Therapists

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The Tar Heel state is filled with great colleges and universities, making finding a good physical therapy program simple. In fact, the biggest challenge facing someone wishing to study to be a physical therapist in North Carolina is narrowing down all the possible options and choosing one school at which to study and train.

Regardless of what school future therapists attend, they will need to focus on sciences that will help them to better understand the body and movements of the body. Many of these sciences will be the same as other undergraduates not entering the medical field take. However, therapist students will take their studies to a different level and add sciences that examine in detail the things that most other students will never encounter in a class room. Once the undergraduate degree has been earned, the real work begins.

By no means, should undergraduate work in physical therapy be belittled or devalued, but without earning a graduate degree all of that work and study will not help a person become a physical therapist. Physical therapists must earn at least a two-year master's before having the opportunity to apply for a license to practice. Schools in North Carolina offer several options after students complete a four year degree.

Not every student who graduates college and decides to pursue a career as a physical therapist has a strong background in sciences. Though the exact percentage cannot be determined, it is safe to say that a large number of students actually complete four years of school and still are unsure of what career path they want to take. There are many practicing physical therapists who completed undergraduate degrees before deciding on their future profession. So what happens when you graduate with an English degree and realize you want to be a therapist? Are all those hours of course work wasted?

Therapists in North Carolina will need at minimum a two-year master's degree. In North Carolina there is a perfect program for students who settle on a career late. One such program is a three year path that allows students to earn a post graduate degree in three years. This degree will allow those students completing the program the opportunity to get the necessary educational requirements to gain licensure as a therapist. This is an entry-level program, making it perfect for the students who come to the decision to enter this profession late.

Another option for potential physical therapists studying in North Carolina is a specialized post-graduate program that focuses on a specialized science, such as Human Movement Science. This area of study is well suited for future physical therapists as they train to work helping patients recover physical movement skills and recondition their bodies.

Learning continues once a student becomes a professional therapist. With this in mind, therapists in North Carolina can take solace in knowing that state schools offer doctoral programs to help practicing physical therapists further develop their skills and focus on new areas of study. Many of these courses and programs are offered online, making them more attractive to busy professionals.

North Carolina is a great state to work on gaining the educational requirements necessary for a physical therapist because there are so many academic programs and schools to choose from.