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What are the wages for a Physical Therapist in New Mexico

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The amount of money people earn doing the same job with virtually identical requirements can differ significantly based on several factors. This is also true with physical therapists working throughout the United States. The median income one can expect to earn working as a physical therapist has been estimated at $74,618 (as posted on Salary.com). This number is based on a comparison of salaries throughout the country. Of course, not everyone should expect to earn this amount.

One of the primary factors determining how much a physical therapist will earn is the demand for his or her services. The more people in need of therapy as compared to the number of therapists available can account for the significant earning potential of therapists in different locations. Certain states are in need of more qualified professionals in this field because of a large elderly population. States with a younger median population or a smaller population may not offer as much in wages as a state such as Florida, for example, where there is a large population in general and more importantly a large elderly population.

Even within the confines of a single state, salaries for the same positions can, and often do vary. In New Mexico, a physical therapist working in Albuquerque will find that the median salary for that profession is $73,073 a year. This is more than $1,500 less than the national average, so a job seeker will have to weight other factors such as the quality of living and the cost of living in the Albuquerque metropolitan area; not to mention the availability of jobs and the attractiveness of those open positions.

Located in the same state, Santa Fe offers less lucrative salaries for physical therapists. The median income for physical therapists in this New Mexico city is $70,118. This is a significant drop when compared to Albuquerque, and the salary is$4,500 less than the national average. Again, salary alone is in many cases not what determines whether a person takes or rejects a position, but these variations are certainly worth noting.

Here are more numbers that give an indication of the market for physical therapists in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. These numbers also indicate the trends and viability of this job market throughout this state of nearly 2,060,000 inhabitants. At the lower end of the scale, therapists in Albuquerque earn $62,758. In Santa Fe, this same group earns $60,220. Top salaries in the two cities also show a significant difference. Physical therapists at the peak of their profession in Albuquerque can look to earn about $83,140 a year. Top earners in Santa Fe will gross an annual salary in the neighborhood of $79,788.

Physical therapists in New Mexico are regulated by the New Mexico Physical Therapy Board. This board is comprised of five members, including three licensed physical therapists and two members not associated with the medical field. The board oversees issues regarding continuing education and requirements for therapy professionals in the state.

When all is said and done a job in New Mexico may be more attractive simply because the state is highly regarded for its cuisine, and whether therapists choose to work in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, they can take part in the state's annual celebration of local restaurants and local cuisine.